Monday, February 12, 2018

No-Spend February, Update 2: February 12

Goal check-in: One slip up on "Not eating out/no fast food" and one purchase that was sort-of planned.

One of my big goals for this month was, "No unnecessary expenditures or impulse buys," right?

Would buying Disney tickets for my niece's birthday trip now, rather than later, to avoid a predicted $50 price increase count? Because I was going to buy them eventually and wanted to avoid the price hike. Even though that's an expense I really didn't want on my credit card until the end of the semester and a couple more paychecks...

(Disney has raised their prices around February the past few years, so I suspected this was coming... in the end, the 2018 price increase on a 4-day WDW base ticket was only $30 per, not the $50 predicted by one source, but that's still money that is better saved for Dole Whips!!!)

Dole Whip'd by Robbie Thiessen

Alright, so we're saying the Disney tickets were a planned expenditure.

Unfortunately, the take-away we had for dinner on Friday wasn't! At least it was from the really good Indian restaurant, and wasn't just some run-of-the-mill fast food burger, right?

So that's week 2 of No-Spend February, and I missed my goal of not eating out this week.
/shrug emoji

Next week I need to start working on the third goal: donating stuff I don't want or don't use. Our house is very cluttered, and we lack sufficient closet space to hide away the things that are harder to organize or don't see much use. I'm really hoping to convince The Boyfriend to sort through his clothing and dump the pieces that no longer fit/he no longer wears/are too worn to keep. It should help with the floor-drobe problem (seriously...)

Good luck to anyone else who is starting their spring cleaning early or trying to avoid unnecessary expenses this month!

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