Monday, February 5, 2018

No-Spend February, Update 1: February 5

Happy Monday!

Well, we're a few days into February now. My plans to avoid frivolous purchases and spending money on fast food and take-out remain intact, in spite of the bout of Disney-fever I've had that led me to design Mickey ears over the weekend... and the urge to buy craft supplies that accompanied that.

I do have a purchase planned for this week that I wasn't expecting, except it's a shirt that is a limited design, only available this month. Of course, I'm talking about Jordandene's February shirt-of-the-month! It's inspired by Disney's Robin Hood, one of my favorite movies (and one of my first crushes!)

I've been hoping she would choose this phrase for a shirt ever since a couple years ago, when a bunch of us bonded on Twitter over our shared love for the foxy rebel!!! I'm excusing myself to order a tank top for myself, I really can't miss this particular shirt!

(And I'll wear it to Walt Disney World later this year! Too bad Robin isn't a character you can take photos with at those parks... #bummer)

Hope everyone else is having a good month so far. Stay warm!

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