Thursday, February 1, 2018

No-Spend February: February 1st

Recently, Barb suggested doing a "no-spend" month on Twitter, and I thought that sounded like a great idea. Since she first mentioned her idea, she has posted on her blog about it and what her goals for a No-Spend February might be.

After the holidays and buying a few things on sale for myself, the little purchases of $10 here and $30 there have started to add up. I want to nip this kind of spending in the bud before it becomes a habit.

I have a couple of Walt Disney World trips planned for the next year - one in the fall for my niece's birthday, and one in early 2019 for the Dark Side races and my own birthday. If either trip is going to happen, I need to save some money! I also have a bunch of collectibles that need organized and displayed, crafts that need made, and my clothing size is changing because I'm back counting calories after maintaining the weight I lost in 2016... so right now I really don't need to buy more things.

For No-Spend February, my goals are: 
Avoid all impulse purchases and unnecessary expenses - no collectibles, no Steam games, no extra craft materials, no clothes, no new books (my TBR pile is sufficient to get me through the whole year...)  Unless the house is going to fall down, I need it to teach, or I'll be naked without it, it can wait.

Donate stuff I no longer want or need - I've been saying for years that I'm going to sell some old clothes and collectibles online, or hold a garage sale... but if it hasn't happened yet, it's not likely to happen soon. This month I want to find a local charity I can support (not Salvation Army, which has a huge presence in our region), bag/box it all up, and get it out of my house!

No fast food/take-out - we sometimes get in the habit of eating A LOT of take-out. That's one of the reasons I gained so much weight during grad school and after moving in with The Boyfriend. Since eating fast food and take-out adds up fast and doesn't always align with my weight loss goals, might as well scrap it for the month!
(Exceptions to this goal: We'll do a date night to see Black Panther, and we're traveling to visit family for a weekend, so there will likely be a meal in the car.)

Check in weekly here and on Twitter to see how things are going - I'm more likely to buy toys and other random stuff on the weekends when I have some down time, so I think I'll check in on Mondays. Just a quick note or post to say "Hey, I'm weak and I'm Leia-trash, and I bought seven Star Wars t-shirts" or "No-Spend Feb is still going well! I made my porg kigu this weekend using fabric I had on hand instead of buying more craft supplies I'll never use!"

Is anyone else joining in? What are your goals? Have you done a No-Spend challenge before?

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  1. Good luck, I'm thinking about doing something similar to this in March because after all my travels my bank account isn't looking too good and I need to save up for the next adventure haha!