Friday, February 3, 2017

January 2017 in Review

Honestly I don't know where January went. The first half of the month was spent in a post-Christmas haze, fueled by mince pies and British chocolates. The last half of the month was spent in a constant state of anxiety, to the point where I am wondering if I shouldn't spent the next four years medicated.

I started a new blog series, Cooking in Azeroth. Each week I'm going to post about different recipes from "World of Warcraft, the Official Cookbook" by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. I'm currently at 6 recipes made out of 100, and I'm looking forward to continuing this project.

January was the first month since June that I didn't lose a single pound... The combination of holiday treats followed by a month of giving in to my desire to comfort eat just didn't create enough of a caloric deficit. Add in that I just started blogging about making food (maybe not the best idea while actively trying to lose weight).

Oh well, that's life, January is over and as of yesterday I'm back on the wagon. If I stay on target I should hit goal weight sometime this year. I'll stay on target and hit goal weight sometime later this year.

No news about any SDCC ticket sales yet - presale has usually passed by now, with general sale happening in March the past few years. Though The Boyfriend is saying we'll try to buy them again, I'm cautious that we'll get them and then decide the cost of flights and hotel is too much and cancel our plans. (If I'm being completely honest... I'm getting cabin fever and ready to say eff it all, pack up and move west. That'd remove the need for flights, at least.)

Books I read...
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
Shockoholic, Carrie Fisher
Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher

I read/re-read Carrie Fisher's memoirs in January. I found comfort in her words, as I was grieving her death and anxious over the future presidency. Sometime I'll get around to posting what I wrote about meeting her last October at NYCC.

Movies I saw...
Um... none, actually. Despite really wanting to see Hidden Figures we never made it to the movies in January. The Boyfriend never got to see Moana either, which is a shame because that movie was GORGEOUS on the big screen. But Hidden Figures is still showing at my local theater, so I will probably treat myself to a matinee sometime this week.

Other than that, nothing really interesting happened here. Just calling my Congressmen and Senators multiple times a week, working, and finding my joy where I can.

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