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Cooking in Azeroth, post 4: Making Magnificent Muffins

Cooking in Azeroth is a weekly blog series featuring recipes from "World of Warcraft, the Official Cookbook" by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. Over the next year I will cook and review all 100 recipes.

Do you know the Muffin Man?

His name is Moser and he lives in Shattrath City.

And his muffins are pretty magnificent.

Moser's Magnificent Muffins
This week I made Moser's Magnificent Muffins from the Desserts section of the Warcraft cookbook.

These muffins are apple and cinnamon flavored, topped with streusel and maple-flavored icing.  Fresh from the oven, they are absolutely delicious - it was hard stopping myself after eating only one! And they hold up well a few days after baking, in case you don't have the numbers to eat the whole dozen right away.


Moser's Magnificent Muffins are very easy to make.  Most bakers will already have the ingredients in their kitchen - baking powder, flour, brown sugar, etc.  They come together in about an hour, making them a fine choice for a lazy weekend breakfast or to whip up quickly after dinner to get you through the week.

While these muffins are easy to make, they are a bit messy to eat... with sticky icing and crumbly streusel topping falling all over the plate.  Delicious, but not really a grab and go style muffin.  The muffin itself is dense and chewy, much like an applesauce cake.  These muffins go well with coffee, tea, and fresh fruit.

Streusel topping, before baking

The recipe as written makes 12 muffins.  Each muffin is about 310 calories.

Personally I will be stretching this recipe to make more muffins in the future - making only twelve as the recipe suggests, my muffin tin was filled to the brim and there was so much streusel wasted because it was laid on so thick.  This made me sad because this streusel recipe is amazing... I would make a batch and eat it by itself if I wasn't concerned about all the calories and sugar!  I think stretching the batter and streusel over 18 muffins will be just as satisfying, and make the streusel topping easier to bake and eat.

Icing the muffins

Once the muffins were a couple days old the added moisture and sweetness from the icing was appreciated, however I don't think the maple flavor added much.  The icing did melt into the streusel topping after a day, so if you want crunchy streusel and fresh icing I would recommend making a batch and drizzling it on right before you eat.

If you're looking to cut some calories, you can probably skip the icing altogether, or make a thicker maple icing to top them and forgo the streusel. Both include a lot of sugar.  Stretching the recipe to make a larger batch would also decrease the calories.

I already had everything for this recipe on hand except for the applesauce.  A six-pack of individual applesauce cups costs $1.99 at Wegmans.  I bought my applesauce individually packaged so I wouldn't feel rushed into eating a whole jar once it was opened and in my fridge.  One half-cup portion was plenty for this recipe, and now I have the remaining cups for more muffins or snacks.

Thank you for reading!

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