Friday, August 26, 2016

NYCC Prep: Photo Ops

When I was prepping for our first SDCC I was spoiled for information. Blogs here, blogs there, blogs everywhere! I went into the convention knowing how panel lines worked, where to go for autograph lotteries, which offsite events I wanted to visit.

NYCC feels like a different story, and I've had to rely more on forums and piecing together comments. For example, NYCC has its own subreddit... but you have to wade through post after post of whiny redditors who didn't get the tickets they wanted. (it really feels like people are simply refusing to read the FAQs and other information NYCC has made available)

In light of this, I am consolidating the useful information here on my blog. Perhaps it will help some other con attendee who is visiting NYCC for the first time. And of course, if you have attended NYCC before and have any tips, suggestions, or corrections, please leave a comment!

Today's topic is: Photo Ops

First off...

OMG YOU GUYS I AM MEETING CARRIE FISHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only goal for this entire con is meeting Carrie Fisher, and learning how photo ops/autographs work at NYCC has been a top priority since we got our tickets.

It looks like getting photo ops and autographs at NYCC can be done two ways: by purchasing a ticket ahead of the convention on the NYCC website, or by visiting the hall during the convention and waiting in line to purchase (cash only at the show). Last year the autograph and photo hall was on the 1st level of the convention center, in area 1-B. The map was released in mid-August last year, so I'm expecting this year's map to be released in the next couple weeks - but the location will probably be the same.

Photo ops went on sale online earlier today. A time table and links to purchase can be found at this link. There is also an FAQ from Epic Photo Ops linked at that red button seen in the pic below.

**note** If you go to the guest list on the main NYCC website, you will NOT be able to click through to the photo op purchasing page - the guest schedules have not been linked/updated **

Honestly, everything seems really straightforward. You buy your photo ticket online or at the show. You can have up to 4 attendees in the photo. Photos are done in groups/waves, so you don't have to wait in line for hours before - they say to just show up a few minutes before your time slot.

We'll see if it's really as smooth and simple as this process appears to be. I'm not sure if the wave/group system was used at past NYCCs, but I will update this post after the convention with my experience!

Now... what do I wear!?!?

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  1. I'm so excited for you!!! And this is awesome information for new NYCC attendees. SDCC gets so many blog/news/information all over the internet but I hardly see things for NYCC!! Glad you are working on fixing that!