Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SDCC Tips!

If you're attending SDCC this year, here is a list of tips I've found helpful!

Be sure to check out the Unofficial SDCC BlogCrazy4ComicConThe Nerdy Girlie, and An Englishman in San Diego for more helpful tips! Their knowledge made me feel excited and prepared for my first SDCC in 2014!

SDCC Survival Pack (originally posted August 2, 2014)
Pack a backpack or other easy to carry, comfortable bag with some necessities - like water, snacks, sunscreen, Purel, band-aids, pain relievers, a poster tube, a notebook and pens/Sharpies for autographs and sketches, and anything else you might need throughout the day. Days can be long, with few chances to access your hotel room!

Follow the SDCC Schedule and Plan Ahead! (originally posted June 24, 2015)
I hate planning my vacations down to the minute, but I hate going anywhere unprepared even more.

For SDCC I like to use Excel and create a schedule of panels and events. I collaborate with The Boyfriend, asking him to pick panels he wants to attend, and then I see where our interests overlap so we both get to do something we like. Once we have decided what panels we'd like to see, we plan for when we should get in line, when we should hit up the exhibit hall, and when we should check out all those awesome off-site events!

I use different sheets in Excel to create plans A, B, and C in case we get shut out of a panel, but basically I like doing this for one major reason: it creates a great visual calendar, telling me when and where different things are happening, making it easier to change plans on the fly. You should also have a convention center map handy, either from the guidebook or on your phone.

Use Your Phone!
Twitter, email, and Instagram have all been extremely useful when I've attended SDCC before. If you follow convention-related accounts (like the blogs linked above) and official company pages you can learn about wait times, giveaways, events, and other convention tips!  There are also official apps for the convention and offsite events, like NerdHQ, as well as travel apps (if you're using the trolley between Hotel Circle and the Convention Center).

But most of all...

Enjoy Yourself!!!
There will always be something else going on at a convention as large as SDCC. With so much going on inside AND outside the convention center, that is just the nature of the beast. So if you miss something you wanted to see, don't let that ruin your con! Find something else amazing to do instead!

Geeks Go Glam party, SDCC 2015

Agent Carter flashmob, Marvel stage, SDCC 2015

Fighting a dragon at the Geek & Sundry offsite event, SDCC 2015

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