Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dusting off the blog...

It's the middle of summer and I am FINALLY getting back to blogging!  I have some big things planned for the Nerd Cave:

Tabletop Tuesdays will return in August!
This weekly series of blog posts reviewing and detailing different tabletop games ran from May - September 2015. I am resurrecting it as a bi-weekly series, beginning in August 2016. Planned posts include a feature on creating an RPG adventure, a month of zombie themed games in October, and plenty of miniature-based games! As always, I am on the lookout for new games and would love to hear about your requests!

In October I will be attending New York Comic Con for the first time. It seems like there are fewer resources devoted to attending NYCC than there are for SDCC (how to navigate the con, information on offsites, how autographs work, etc) so I'm going to consolidate the information I learn as I prep for this convention here on the blog. And of course I will be posting about my adventures at the con itself! (Mission #1 - learn about autographs - because CARRIE FISHER is scheduled to attend!)

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Book Club
If you were following Star Wars Celebration last weekend, you might have heard that a fan favorite character is returning to canon and joining the cast of Star Wars Rebels characters: Grand Admiral Thrawn!  This character debuted in the 1991 Star Wars novel Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, the first book of the Thrawn trilogy. That book was decanonized and made part of the Star Wars Legends collection of stories in 2015 with the release of Star Wars Episode VII.

In the lead up to Rebels season 3 and a new book release, Thrawn by Timothy Zahn in April 2017, the Tosche Station podcast is planning a re-read of the Thrawn Trilogy - and I am planning to follow along! More information, such as the start date of the re-read, is coming. For now I am planning to post my thoughts on the books here on the blog. Who else is planning to follow along?

And plenty of cosplay, crafting, and comics-related posts!

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