Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New York Comic Con Ticket Sale, June 29th, 2016

Today was the ticket sale for New York Comic Con and The Boyfriend and I were fortunate to nab 4-day passes!

We've never attended NYCC before, despite NYC being a short trip away by train or car. Because it is so much closer, travel costs are $1000 less than flights to SDCC - so I really don't understand why we've never tried to attend before!

Buying Tickets
The ticket buying process was first come, first served - but the site placed everyone in a queue based on when they connected with the servers, so that process was similar to the waiting room system SDCC uses.  I actually found this relaxing - after the initial click to access the link I was just waiting to see when (if) it would let me in to buy tickets. No spamming refresh, or any of the other stressful situations I was expecting.

The queue then let groups of buyers in, where they could purchase their tickets and t-shirts. It looks like hotels could also be booked, but I whizzed through the check out process and my receipt page failed to load, so I'm not sure when that was available (during or after the tickets were purchased).

And it's a good thing I hurried. Among the repetitive questions clogging up #NYCC, Twitter was also full of people complaining about their carts timing out. The site would not accept my credit card at first (it said the number was wrong, and I had to retype it even though it was correct) and then the receipt page failed to load, giving me a small heart attack until the email receipt came through.

Sorry for the blurriness, but I was so stunned and wanted to document this so quickly that my hands were shaking!

Tickets went on sale at noon, Eastern time. It took about 75 minutes for 3-day passes to sell out, followed by 4-day passes at ~90 minutes. As of this writing (2:46pm EST 6-29-16**) it looks like all individual days are still available - the official social media accounts have not posted otherwise.

One thing that surprises me is how many people are complaining about the Fan Validation process.  This is really no different from SDCC's Member ID - log on before a certain date, fill out a profile, and bam! - you're eligible to buy tickets. But Twitter is full of people complaining that they or their friends didn't go through FV and feel entitled to tickets even though they couldn't follow basic directions. (The entitlement is typical of any big con that sells out, though...)

Anyway, we have our passes and now we need to learn about the con itself! Like SDCC, NYCC is a big convention, so we already know some survival tips: bring snacks, wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, etc.  But the specifics of this particular con - like how autographs are sold/given away, what sort of off-site or party experiences we can expect to find, how certain booths sell their exclusives - that is the information I'm after. I have yet to find the NYCC equivalent of the SDCC blog or Crazy4ComicCon, but I'm searching!

I'm very excited! This will be a new experience. And I am so happy that I get to attend a big convention this year - I am still pretty bummed about missing SDCC and seeing everyone and celebrating Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary, so I'm hoping to meet some Twitter friends at NYCC and that there is something on for Wonder Woman! (And Carrie Fisher will be there!!!)

If you've ever attended NYCC and have some tips or a tip blog to recommend, please let me know in the comments!

** It looks like as I was typing that, Saturday tickets sold out. Sunday kids tickets have also sold out since this post was published.

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