Friday, December 11, 2015

#Fandom5: My Holiday Wish List!

Hello again! I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! Happy Hanukkah!

Today's 5 Fandom Friday topic is: My Holiday Wish List!

With so much amazing fandom merchandise out right now, my Christmas wish list is super long and completely full of Star Wars, Her Universe, and other fun goodies! What's on your wish list this year?

1. Trip to England
This January will be 10 years since I moved to England for my semester abroad. In those six months I participated in my first archaeological field school, made some amazing friends, and went camping/reenacting all over England! I haven't been back since 2013 and I miss my friends and the country SO MUCH. I regret not applying to York for grad school, or just up and moving there before they changed the visa requirements and made that impossible.

2. Hot Toys Captain Phasma
This figure is amazing, like pretty much everything Hot Toys has been releasing lately. I haven't ordered her because of the price and because I want to see the movie before I commit to owning such an expensive figure of a character I know so little about, but if Santa were to bring her I would be SO happy!

3. Amy Winehouse LP Collection and the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack record
There is a record player I've had my eye on for awhile, and this music demands to be listened to on vinyl. I think Adam would approve!

4. VIP trip to see the premiere of The Force Awakens
Only one more week until TFA is in theaters!!! Wouldn't it be amazing to attend the red carpet, meet the cast, and be part of that audience?

5. Disney Infinity
I would love to have Disney Infinity for the PS3 and ALL the Star Wars characters! I also want Loki and Black Widow, plus Rapunzel and a few others. The figures are so cute!

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  1. I haven't ordered so MANY force awakens toys for that reason. I have committed to a few of the funkos, because it's low risk, but I hopefully will love many of the characters after I see the film. You have a lot of great stuff on this list. I actually purchased Disney Infinity for my boyfriend this year!

  2. I only own one figure each and if for some reason I don't like it, I can always sell them but yes, that Captain Phasma is amazing. Love your Star Wars list!