Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#30DaystoTFA: 9 Days Left, Captain Shiny Pants

You guys... we are officially into the SINGLE DIGITS in our TFA countdown!!!!!

One of the new characters I am wickedly excited to learn more about is Captain Phasma, the Imperial trooper who wears the chrome armor. She seems like a total BAMF and I adore Gwendoline Christie, the actress who plays her. I really hope we get to see her with her helmet off at some point, though the idea of an evil, faceless character is intriguing too.

I really want to make Phasma armor. And to buy the Captain Phasma Hot Toy figure. And the 6" Black Series action figure. And basically anything with Phasma on it. Phasma.

I did order the Her Universe Phasma muscle tank to wear while I work out... and sit on the couch... and do everything...

#30DaystoTFA is a hashtag created by Amy Ratcliffe, to share favorite Star Wars items, videos, quotes, photos, and memories as we count down the days until December 18th, 2015. Her blog is Geek With Curves.

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