Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Release *UPDATE*

Well, I had thought I'd have a post about Star Wars Battlefront today... I tried the game at SDCC, I pre-ordered in mid-August, I participated in the open Beta back in October, I was ready to go! I mean, I wasn't very good at it, but I was READY!

That was before I received this email:

Yeah... I saved something like 23% on the game, but in the end someone messed up and so far it looks like NO ONE who ordered through Green Man Gaming has received their game keys.

Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS), available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I pre-ordered my copy for PC because we haven't moved on to the current generation of gaming consoles, both of us wanted to play, and I prefer to game on my PC anyway. I ordered from Green Man Gaming, a site I personally had never used before, but The Boyfriend suggested because of the deal and because he had used the site before without any problems.

At NerdHQ 2015

Threads on r/starwarsbattlefront are speculating about the delay. Perhaps EA is holding out on generating more keys for GMG because they want bitter gamers to cancel their orders and pay full price form Origin. Or perhaps GMG messed up and are issuing EU/ROW keys, not US keys, and they aren't valid until the ROW release on Thursday. There are questions about the legitimacy of the keys GMG sells, and people are being horrible in comments and on social media (as usual).

Either way, there is no proof that anyone who ordered from GMG has received any keys yet... and they're not real pre-order keys anyway - orders from GMG don't get the early access to Jakku, information that was included in a FAQ but not made obvious on the pre-order page. I guess you get what you pay for, though a temporary ~25% off didn't seem too good to be true when I'm used to Amazon heavily discounting newly released movies and other entertainment.

So now it is noon on the US release date, November 17th, and I STILL don't have my game key.

I'm not too bitter about not playing on release date, though I was looking forward to it. Honestly, I'm more upset that I paid for something in August and they were unable to deliver on the promised date.

I'll update this when I get my code. No Tabletop Tuesday today because I was planning on playing Battlefront.


I received an email with my code at 12:29 EST on Wednesday, November 18th! I am now downloading the game, and should be able to play later this evening after D&D. (nerd alert!)

My code arrived 36 hours and 29 minutes after the game launched in the North American region. My code came about 13 minutes after The Boyfriend's, who bought his pre-order two days after I did. From reports on Reddit, it looks like the codes aren't going out in any particular order and some people are saying their codes are invalid. Green Man Gaming is being responsive on social media, telling people to file tickets with customer service.

So now I can finally play, which means I can run around freaking out and taking head shots because I suuuuuck at FPS. YAY!

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