Sunday, November 15, 2015

SDCC 2016: Pre-Registration

Our SDCC 2016 preparations officially began yesterday with the Pre-Registration Badge Sale!

This badge sale is usually held late in the year. It is only open to people who attended SDCC the previous summer, and only to those who take the time to validate their badges using a code printed on the physical badge itself.

But never fear, people who aren't eligible for Pre-Reg and still want to go to SDCC! Only a percentage of badges are released during this sale. This means there will always be a population of experienced con-goers at SDCC each year, but going one year does not guarantee a badge the following year. During Open Registration in the spring, everyone participating has an equal chance of getting a badge regardless if they're completely new to SDCC or are a veteran con-goer.

Yesterday's sale went really well, in spite of some early hiccups with the waiting room right at the start - and CCI got those resolved before the 9am start time. It was so great to see so many messages of success among my Twitter and Blogging Buddies! I think Comic Con International has really worked out their system, and I am glad it has been working so well these past few years!

The Boyfriend and I managed to get Thursday and Sunday badges, which is great! We'll try to grab Friday and Saturday during Open Registration in the spring. I really hope we get lucky again and get all four days like we have the previous two years! Fingers crossed! Until Open Reg in March or April (or February?) we'll just be keeping an eye on the airlines and thinking about cosplay!

We got BADGES!!!

Did you try to get badges yesterday? How did you do? Will you be trying to get badges in the spring during Open Registration?


  1. Woot!! Glad you got tickets!!! I actually am listed as press for next year so I didn't have to deal with the madness!! I hope we get to hang out a bit more then the two seconds we had!

    1. That's wonderful! I didn't know you got a press badge, that's so great! We will definitely hang out!