Friday, November 20, 2015

#Fandom5: Five Fandoms I Am Thankful For

Happy Friday!

Next week is Thanksgiving, and today's 5 Fandom Friday topic is "five fandoms I am thankful for."

It is a great time to be a geek. Star Wars is coming back in full Force. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going strong and introducing new characters. There are some wonderful comics out that showcase female and POC characters. And the internet makes it easier and easier to connect with people who share your interests, support creators, learn about other fandoms, and demand representation. Fandoms are the things we love, and the communities we create to celebrate them and support each other.

Five fandoms I am thankful for...

1. Star Wars
It was like a million voices cried out in joy... one moment I will always associate with how amazing this fandom can be is the release of the second TFA teaser trailer at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim last April, as fans all over the world freaked out in anticipation of Episode VII.

Beyond this shared love of a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars fandom is full of caring people who raise money for charities, visit hospitals and events for children and the community, and support each other. They are creative and share that creativity with other fans by showing off fanart, hosting con panels, and writing tutorials to makes droids and armor and props. Just Google R2-KT, the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion, or the Mandalorian Mercs - or search Star Wars on the RPF - to see examples of how this fandom uses its love of Star Wars for the Light side of the Force!

SDCC 2014 - 501st day, lots of Imperials running around the con -
this trooper was making me crack up with his comments about Endor and Rebel scum!

2. Agent Carter
This fandom is so positive. Peggy is an amazing, confident character and Hayley Atwell is such a thoughtful person who loves her fans. At SDCC 2015 an Agent Carter flash mob was organized and we got to take photos on stage at the Marvel booth with Hayley! And this fall the casts of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD held a DubSmash War to raise money for two charities. We know our value, and the value of having strong role models like Peggy and Hayley. I can't wait for season 2 to premiere on January 5th!

Agent Carter flash mob, SDCC 2015

The people I have met because of SDCC are so friendly and welcoming. From the bloggers who offer planning tips, to the Twitter friends I've made, to the wonderful group of you that I actually got to meet at Megan's Geeks Go Glam party this year, I am so thankful for all of you!

Geeks Go Glam party, SDCC 2015

4. Cosplayers
Like SDCC, this larger community encompasses a lot of different fandoms, but they are united by a common love of making costumes and props. This community shares their techniques and tips, showing off the results at conventions and other fan events. I love meeting cosplayers and researching costumes.

Indiana Jones cosplayers at SDCC 2014

5. Dungeons & Dragons
The people I have met through D&D have been so accepting and welcoming. Online, fans write guides and offer DMing and player tips, character builds, and homebrew ideas. At SDCC, where I played for the first time, I was welcomed to the table even though I was a complete noob. And among local players I have made friends and spent hours playing, talking about D&D, and learning about other games. My experience with this community has been entirely positive, and I am very thankful for that!

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  1. Awww..... I love your list! And yay for the Star Wars fandom and SDCC!!

  2. Fandom (and the internet) is so amazing!! Glad to have met you at SDCC and on Twitter! <3