Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#30DaystoTFA: 24 Days Left, Stormtrooper Game!

Last year Jenna Busch and Legion of Leia gave away a The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions gift package to celebrate the release of the last season of The Clone Wars on Netflix and Blu-ray. And I won!

I received a Blu-ray copy of The Clone Wars season 6, a Yoda Ultimate FX lightsaber, a Yoda flashlight (that talks!), and a Stormtrooper light-up game.

I LOVE this game. I love that it looks and feels like a holocom (or Holo-pad) when I hold it. I love that it's basically whack-a-mole, which is my favorite carnival game. And I love that I can play a quick game while I wait for SWTOR to load or when I'm bored at my desk.

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#30DaystoTFA is a hashtag created by Amy Ratcliffe, to share favorite Star Wars items, videos, quotes, photos, and memories as we count down the days until December 18th, 2015. Her blog is Geek With Curves.

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