Friday, September 4, 2015

#Fandom5: Five deaths that broke my heart, Sept. 4, 2015

Hi everyone! Happy Force Friday!!! And happy birthday to my amazing little sister!

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Today's topic is so sad! It's: Five deaths that broke our hearts.

This was a hard one to write. Too many feelings. I'm going to go play with my dog now...

Warning: Spoiler alert for the Abhorsen book trilogy, because even though the books have been out for 10+ years, they're not super well-known (as far as I know) and don't have movie adaptations. I also reference the Harry Potter books, the Serenity movie, and Futurama, in case there's anyone who needs a spoiler warning for those.

1. Albus Dumbledore
While I was saddened by Sirius Black's death, Dumbledore's death really shook me because it was so unexpected. You think he'll always be there, to guide Harry and his friends and protect all the Hogwarts students. And then he wasn't. My Grandpa had just died the previous summer, and the immediate shock of Dumbledore's death left me searching the remaining pages for any sign that Dumbledore would return, that it was a ruse to fool Voldemort.

For me, this was the first death in the series that showed how high the stakes were in this new fight against Voldemort. Nothing could have prepared me for the next death on my list, though...

2. Dobby
Of all the unnecessary deaths in the Harry Potter books, this one hit me the hardest. I had to put the book down and give myself a time-out, I was crying so hard. I also think this one lessened the impact of the deaths during the Battle of Hogwarts for me...

True story: the Barbarian character in our D&D group hired a goblin NPC (more like bullied into becoming) as his personal servant. Eventually this NPC was left in charge of our camp while we chased down some bad guys, and our camp was looted by some player characters that stopped showing up (to write them out of the story). Well, the Barbarian was pissed and killed the goblin! I was so sad (not just my character, I was really saddened by this!) that I spent a healing potion to bring him back to life, and he is now my companion/servant. Dobby's death really has scarred me for life. Thanks JKR.

3. The Disreputable Dog
The Disreputable Dog is the magical companion of Lirael, daughter of the Clayr. One day Lirael is trying to make a dog sending (basically a magical ghost pet) based on a statue she found in the Clayr library, but something goes wrong and she gets a real dog instead... except this dog is magical, can talk, and is more powerful than she seems. The DD helps guide Lirael in her journey, and ultimately sacrifices herself to save Lirael and the Old Kingdom (intentionally vague, go read these books). This was another book I had to give a time-out and compose myself before I could continue reading.

4. Hoban Washburne
Joss said that if the series had continued, Wash would not have died. Thanks, Fox. You killed one of our favorite shows AND one of our favorite space pilots.

5. Seymour
Fry's dog from the year 1999, he waited for Fry's return his whole life. Just the title, "Jurassic Bark," is enough to get me weepy. Ok, that's enough, my feelings have started and I can't write anymore...


  1. So Í actually hadn't read that quote from Joss about Wash! :/ Stupid Fox. Also, I've only seen a few episodes of Futurama, but from that picture alone I can tell I will share your grief when I watch that episode, for sure.

  2. Wash breaks my heart all the time.