Friday, August 28, 2015

#Fandom5: Five geeks who inspire me, August 28th, 2015

Happy Friday!

Today's 5 Fandom Friday topic is: Five geeks who inspire me.

#Fandom5, or 5 Fandom Friday is a weekly blog link-up and the creation of Kristin at Super Space Chick and Megan at The Nerdy Girlie.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to find new blogs! Go here to learn more about it or follow #Fandom5 on Twitter!

1. Deidre, Geek Pilgrimage
I've never met Deidre, but I know her through Twitter and I hope to meet her (and Barb!) someday. Maybe at SDCC in 2016! Deidre inspires me because she's been making some healthy changes in her life, and sharing them on Twitter and her blog. Seeing her blog posts motivates me to make my own healthier choices - and I'm looking forward to her future posts about running in the Avengers 5k!

2. Megan Gotch, The Nerdy Girlie
One of the founders of 5 Fandom Friday, Megan inspires me with her bravery and positivity. If you've been following her Figuring Out My Place in Time and Space posts, you'll know that she has made some big changes in her life over the past few months. I've been feeling lost in my own life for a long time now, and Megan's story resonates with me... and reassures me that change is possible. I was lucky to meet Megan (and several other awesome geeks!) at the Geeks Go Glam SDCC party she organized.

3. The Wheatons
Wil Wheaton, Geek & Sundry and
I've never met Wil at a convention, though I did get to see the Geek & Sundry panel at SDCC this year. I find Wil inspiring because of his advocacy for mental health - Wil has depression and anxiety, and he has used his story to help destigmatize mental health issues. He also hosts Tabletop on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel and homebrews, and I love learning about new games and recipes from him, since these are two of my own hobbies.

Anne Wheaton,
Anne is Wil's wife, and she is amazing in her own right. She's a lot of fun to follow on Twitter, and her work with rescue animals is inspiring. She's always posting "pupdates" about a little doggy named Lucy that she rescued and sharing photos of her own pets. She's also helped coordinate and participate in various events and fundraisers for the Pasadena Humane Society. Her work making the world a more googly-eyed place by "vandaleyes"-ing things at conventions and in the wild is also really amusing!

4. Hayley Atwell, @HayleyAtwell
She's amazing. I feel like she has a very strong sense of her self-worth and what she wants from life. She's kind, she's funny, and she plays one of my favorite characters. Both Hayley and her character, Peggy Carter, inspire me and remind me that who I am and what I want is valid, that I should work hard and stand up for myself, that I should know my own value and I have a right to be here.

I didn't get to meet her or get her autograph at SDCC, but being part of the flash mob was a wonderful experience! Hayley seemed very touched by how popular Peggy Carter was at the convention, and it was great to meet and share this with so many other fans.

5. My Twitter Buddies
Whether it's how much you all love and share your interests (Marvel, US history, Star Wars, YA lit), or if you're going back to school, going to lots of conventions, or pursuing a dream career, all of you are inspiring. It's so neat to see how everyone's blogs have changed over the last year, and I really enjoy geeking out about new fandom announcements with all of you on Twitter.

And the list of September Fandom5 topics is up on The Nerdy Girlie blog!


  1. Thank you so much for these words! They are filling up my soul and helping me to keep that positive attitude strong! LOVE YOU gorg lady nerd! xx

  2. OMG, this is completely unexpected! You made me cry at work! Thank you for supporting me and we WILL meet!

  3. I <3 you!!! (And that US History note ... is that me or are there geeks I need to know about to follow on Twitter?) The internet is so great in how it makes connections like these possible.

    1. Totally you! I loved reading about your adventures in NYC when you went to see Hamilton!

  4. That Agent Carter flashmob is the best, I'm loving reading everyone's lists we have such a great community xoxo


  5. I love that you included twitter friends! That is always a constant inspiration to me too.