Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My SDCC Agent Carter Cosplay

Last week I wore my Agent Carter cosplay to SDCC!

I decided to cosplay on Saturday, because the Marvel booth was offering an autograph opportunity with the cast and creators of Agent Carter - this ended up being a great choice, because @AgentCarterNews (website) had organized a flash mob for that day, too!

I hurried to the Convention Center, but was too late to get an autograph - the line was capped by the time I got to the booth. But the flash mob experience more than made up for it! A group of us met in the lobby at 10:40 and people started taking photos. There were so many people participating, and not just in Peggy's iconic blue suit - we had an undercover Peggy (aka health inspector Ruth Barton), a couple of army uniform Peggies, and a Miss Union Jack! (Dum Dum Dugan would be proud.) There was even a tiny Peggy with a tiny Dottie!

After taking a few pictures in the lobby, we moved to the Marvel booth - where we were invited onstage to join Hayley Atwell for photos!!! It was amazing, and Hayley is so sweet and friendly! She was asked to choose two cosplayers to win posters, and after deliberating with her costar James D'Arcy (Jarvis) and saying how great we all looked, she chose one woman who made her costume in one day (NO WAY! It was so good!) and the woman dressed as Miss Union Jack!

My Costume
I bought the red Stetson Aviatrix online. This is the same hat used on the show, and is a gorgeous piece. I balked a little at the price, but thanks to a little encouragement from some of you and Giovanna Melton, the costume designer on Agent Carter, I decided to go ahead and get it!

Some cosplayers have found really nice blue suits for sale online (even on Amazon!) but I chose to make mine because I'm plus-size and a little hard to fit. It was easier for me to make the suit instead of hoping I ordered the right size online. I bought everything to make the suit for under $50, and it took me about a seven nights to make it, from the muslin pattern test to finished suit.

For my suit I bought royal blue gabardine from for less than $5 a yard. I love the weight of it and the color is perfect, but the gabardine was a little hard to work with - it frays terribly and gabardine doesn't press very well. Plus the fabric was polyester and was very warm. I plan to remake this suit if I continue losing weight, and intend to source some different fabric if I do.

I made my suit using Simplicity pattern no. 3688. This pattern runs a touch small but there is plenty of ease, so if you use it make sure you check the measurements! I went up two sizes from my street size, but I probably would have been fine only going up one - I had to take in the sides to make it fit better, but I was worried about the arms being tight.

The collar on this pattern is not accurate to the Agent Carter costume - I originally bought it to make Peggy's green army suit, and the collar is more similar to that one. But the cut of the suit is appropriate to the era. That is something else I would correct if I remake this suit.

For the shirt I just bought a white button up, since I didn't own one that fits. I don't like how the collar lays - it looks more 1970s to me than 1940s - but it worked. I had thought to make a faux collar, but ran out of time because I was working on our Star Wars Rebels cosplays (that we didn't finish). This would have been a good idea, and was actually done by some of the other cosplayers in attendance! Clever! Maybe I'll whip one up now to have on-hand.

Because it was going to be a long day of walking around SDCC, I wore a pair of simple black flats. Though these shoes had no arch support, my feet were fine after a day in them and I had no blisters! I also used a simple black purse I had at home, since I needed something to hold my wallet and phone during the day.

My nails were painted with OPI Cinnamon Sweet, the same polish Peggy wears on the show. I used NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama, which is a dupe for the Besame Lipstick in Red Velvet used on the show. I also curled my hair that morning and pinned it back at the sides.

Angie and Dottie!

I loved wearing this cosplay, even if it was a little warm at times, and the chance to meet other fans and take photos with Hayley Atwell was such a special experience!

Thank you to @AgentCarterNews, Marvel, and everyone who helped organize this opportunity! Thank you to Chuck, for telling me about the flash mob! And a huge thank you to the lovely Hayley Atwell, for being so awesome to your fans and playing one of my favorite characters!  <3


  1. You look great! My friend took part too and she's in your photos! She's in the maroon colored dress with the little blood case!

    1. Thank you! I remember meeting her, she looked amazing!

  2. I am so bummbed I missed you and the flash mob!! But yay for a group photo with Hayley Atwell!!

  3. This is so cool, everything is AWESOME! Love, love LOVE your outfit and I really need to get myself that hat sometime although my head is super small lol xoxo


  4. Love this and that group photo is so, so awesome. Wish I'd seen the pack of you wandering around, but I did see a lot of Agent Carters individually walking around. You looked great!!