Friday, June 19, 2015

#Fandom5: Characters with great fashion! June 19th, 2015

Happy Friday!

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Today's topic is: Characters with my favorite fictional fashion. Now, I'm not sure if this means characters with great fashion sense, or characters who live in a fictional world whose costumes you love, but probably wouldn't get away with wearing every day because it's so far removed from how our society dresses. So I opted for a little of both and selected characters whose wardrobes I want to steal.

1. Princess Leia
If I could dress like Princess Leia every day, I would be so happy. The hair. The dresses.
(No metal bikinis, though.)

2. Bernadette
Bernadette always looks so nice in her dress and sweater combinations.

By Polyvore user MorePlease

3. Penelope
I love the vintage inspiration and mix of patterns and colors found in Penelope's wardrobe. I also love this movie, which is a modern fairy tale that puts a spin on the true-love-breaking-a-curse standard.

4. Peggy Carter
Can I have one of everything in her wardrobe, please? I really like mid-century vintage inspired clothing, so of course I adore everything she wears and I can't wait to see what they have her in for season 2! It'll take place in LA, so I'm hoping for bright prints and fun sunglasses.

5. Elf/Ranger Fantasy Fashion (eg. Arwen, Eowyn, Robin Hood, Merida)
Fantasy is probably my favorite genre, and the costumes the characters wear in the Lord of the Rings and other fantasy films are definitely on the list of things I want to wear. Tunics, flowing dresses, crowns, capes, jerkins, boots... I want to be an elven ranger! I'm more comfortable in a tunic and chain maille than I am in business casual.

For a spin on this fantasy costuming that's more accessible today, I really love the mix of modern and medieval in Marian's wardrobe from the 2006 BBC Robin Hood series. Actually, even though it is horribly inaccurate to the time period, I love the costuming for this whole series, especially the use of layers and hoodies. It looks so comfortable. As someone who lives in t-shirts and shorts, comfort comes first for me on my list of fashion must-haves.


  1. I wanted to sooo add Princess Leia to my list but yes to everything you said! My favorite outfit is the one she wore in Hoth.

    And Yay for Peggy!!

    1. I love her Hoth outfit! I want to make it for cosplay someday.

  2. Awwh Bernadette! She always looks so cute! :D

  3. YEY Peggy! I also would love to be an Elven ranger or at least improve my sewing skills so I can make myself a bunch of awesome costumes lol xoxo


  4. Great picks! I feel like Christina Ricci always gets to wear awesome clothes in pretty much every single movie she is in. Or maybe it's just that I think she is so awesome that anything she wears automatically is, too?
    You are the first one I met who hasn't complained about the BBC Robin Hood costuming, I think. I absolutely adore their mix of old and modern, too, even if it was terribly inaccurate (and it's not really like the show claimed to be accurate in any other way, so I didn't feel like their modern clothes were a total deal-breaker).

    1. I figured Robin is fictional, so it didn't bother me that it was inaccurate - the costuming actually reminded me of A Knight's Tale, with its mix of modern and medieval. But the costuming on The Tudors and Reign really annoys me, because those shows are based on real people. (I still watch them, though :-P)