Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tabletop Games, Parades, and Droids

No Tabletop Tuesday post this week. I marched in three parades yesterday, entertained houseguests all weekend, and was way too busy and tired to write anything up! Sorry! But we've added a new Dungeons & Dragons game (Wednesday nights, weekly, different group/DM) and I created a new characters - a wild magic sorcerer, my first magic-user - so I'll probably have an update on that soon. And we have some great games coming up in June that I can't wait to share.

A few weeks ago I finally received my R2-D2 sixth scale figure by Sideshow Colłectibles. I ordered him back in March using some rewards points I won on Twitter, and was so excited when he arrived! Unfortunately he arrived damaged - a tiny detail on his foot is missing. I did take some photos of him, since I unpacked the box to check all his parts were there/working anyway, but I'm still waiting for the correct replacement part to arrive before I write a review. He's a great figure, and has so many neat accessories, it's really disappointing that I have to leave him boxed up until this matter gets resolved. I want to play with him and show him off!

Other than that, not too much else is going on here. We're getting into SDCC-mode, and need to finish our cosplays, make shopping lists, and plan our schedules - only 47 days to SDCC!!! 

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