Friday, April 3, 2015

#Fandom5: Five Times I Totally Fangirled, April 3rd, 2015

As soon as I read this prompt on the new list of April Fandom5 topics (posted on Kristin's blog), I thought of a few moments that I just had to include. I get excited easily and completely - I like to think I'm passionate. And I have trouble understanding why some people never seem to get as excited about anything in their lives (cough::TheBoyfriend::cough). Is there seriously nothing in their lives that moves them to jumping around and clapping their hands? Or at least, to want to do that? Do they never squee?

1. Michael Bublé Concert, Spring 2008
You know those old black and white videos of the girls crying and screaming over the Beatles and Elvis? Yeah, let's just say I totally get what they were going through. There is video evidence of this freak-out, but I can't remember which hard drive I saved it to...

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 TV spot, Spring 2007
I was staying with my Grandma after she had hip replacement surgery and we were watching TV one night. My Grandma didn't have wifi and even though I tried to follow POTC news when I was on campus, I guess I missed the news that the trailer was debuting during the commercials for whatever show we were watching. It was a complete surprise when Captain Jack appeared on the screen, and in my excitement I fell out of the armchair where I was sitting!

3. Role Playing at Hampton Court Palace, Winter 2013
I love English history, and when I was last visiting England I finally took a trip to Hampton Court Palace. I love Anne Boleyn and was geeking out pretty hard wandering around a palace where she had lived while she was Queen. At various times throughout the day living history interpreters would stage scenes for visitors, acting out significant moments in the life of Henry VIII and his court.

Hampton Court Palace

I was looking for the room where the next scene would take place and ran into a reenactor playing the part of Lady Rochford, George Boleyn's wife. She was worried about if she should tell King Henry about the rumors that her husband and the Queen were involved in some "unsavory" activities.

Being an English history nerd, I played along and told her that it was her duty as a loyal subject to tell the King, and that if she kept quiet on the matter, people might suspect her as well.

The reenactor loved it, and took my arm as she led the group that had formed around us to the room where she would meet Henry and Jane Seymour.

4. Riding Star Tours and shopping at Tatooine Traders at Disney Hollywood Studios, Summer 2013
I almost cried. Entering the ride was like I was in SWTOR or one of the movies! There was an AT-AT!!! And I loved the ride! After, my sister and I went into Tatooine Traders, where I geeked out over all the merchandise, built a lightsaber, and bought a Salacious B. Crumb doll. I also had a lot of fun chatting to the cast members.

The whole day was one big Star Wars geek out for me. I wore my hair in Leia buns and my Millennium Falcon t-shirt. When I went through security to enter the park, the guard called me Princess Leia and asked "That's not a poisoned apple in your bag, is it? You're not going to give it to Snow White, are you?" I replied no, and that us princesses had to stick together! He liked that and gave me a high-five. Later, during a radio trivia show performed by the Citizens of Hollywood, one of them called me Carrie Fisher! It was so cool.

5. Pretty much any time I talk about SDCC or any of my geek passions with anyone
I get really excited and a little overheated.

Once, before I became a jaded and burnt-out grad student, I geeked out so hard about archaeology it moved a sorority sister to change her major...

What gets your geek heart stirring? When was the last time you Kermit-flailed?

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  1. You look so perfectly in your element in that Star Wars photo! I've always wanted to wear my hair in Leia buns, but alas, its not thick enough ;)

    The Hampton Court experience sounds amazing and fun. Yay for history!! :D

    1. Haha thanks! I cut my hair and miss my Leia buns, but I received so much positive attention when I wore them! Star Wars fans everywhere!

  2. LOL I love all of these! I work vomit about SDCC and the MCU. I can't help myself.

  3. I want to visit Hampton Court Palace! I love that you played along on the reenactment :) I always want to do that, but then I over-think it, and the moment has passed before I get to say anything, heh.

    1. It was an amazing visit, I spent so much time in the Tudor side that I almost completely missed the Baroque side! (though the snow delaying the train by 2 hours didn't help!)