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#Fandom5: Five Games I Love to Play, April 24th, 2015

Hello again! Did you have a nice week?

I love playing games. Video games, tabletop games, card games, role-playing games. This post was very hard to write, and I think I changed my list at least four times before hitting publish!

I've even started writing a weekly post called Tabletop Tuesday, where I discuss my latest adventures in tabletop gaming. Check it out!

Because I like so many games, I made two lists by type - tabletop and video games! What are your favorite games? Have you played any of the ones I've listed? What would you recommend I play next?

Tabletop Games

1. Munchkin
I taught my little cousins to play this a few years ago, and they loved it! This is like a D&D dungeon crawler minus the role-playing and character building, and the cards are really funny and clever.

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2. Dungeons and Dragons
I posted about this tabletop RPG in this week's Tabletop Tuesday. I really like the group I've been playing with, and I'm having a great time acting out my character and learning how to play.

3. Pandemic
This is a cooperative game. Players work together to cure and eradicate diseases - this is different from the mobile game, which has players trying to wipe out the human species. I played this for the first time on TableTop Day 2015 and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!
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4. Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game
We bought the Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game starter kit and we were immediately hooked. I love this game because it was very easy to learn, winning requires a combination of strategy and luck, and there are a variety of scenarios/goals/ships so the game can be different every time you play.

We want to build a fancy light-up game board to play on.

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5. Forbidden Island/Desert
Players take on the roles of adventurers who are stranded on the Forbidden Island or Desert and must gather items in order to escape. This is a cooperative game, and there are mechanisms built into the game that make the island or desert work against the group, either by the Island flooding or the Desert becoming covered in sand - there are plenty of ways to lose and only one way to win, so players must work together to delay the destruction of the environment and gather the artifacts they need.

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Video Games

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, N64
I love my N64 and think it is the best console ever. There are plenty of N64 games I loved playing through, but Ocarina of Time is the best of all of those. My sister and I used to collaborate - she would do the Shadow Temple, I would do the Spirit Temple, we'd take turns on boss fights or log into the other's account to go fishing.

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2. Star Wars: the Old Republic, PC
I love SWTOR. The Boyfriend participated in a few beta weekends and let me play through the smuggler class starting zone while he was working. I was hooked. I named my character Chik Solo, gave her Leia buns, and gave up my Warcraft subscription so I could pay for SWTOR instead.

In anticipation of the game's release, I preordered a copy and built a new gaming computer, which I packed up and took to my parent's house (the game was released right before Christmas).  Like most MMOs, there are different ways to play the game (PVP, PVE, questing, raiding, crafting, flight missions), but what hooked me was the storyline - every character class has a different storyline and some unique quests to complete. I also really enjoyed romancing my crew member, Corso Riggs.

3. Portal/Portal 2, PC
Portal is a puzzle game, and while there is always a threat to your character from the supercomputer GLADoS, the emphasis is on solving the levels and not action/fighting.

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4. Aladdin & The Lion King, Sega Genesis
I couldn't decide between these two, because most of the games I owned for the Sega Genesis were amazing! The Disney games were especially good though, so I chose them for this list. They were a lot of fun to play and were difficult enough to be satisfying without being impossible to beat (once in a while).

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5. World of Warcraft, PC
While there are other games I would love to include on this list, it wouldn't be right to exclude Warcraft. I have so many memories with this game, and Azeroth is a place where I feel comfortable and confident.

Runner Up: Skyrim, PC 
This is a great game, but I prefer the PC version because you can tailor the game using mods. This one is especially hilarious! (warning, if you're sensitive to video game violence, there is a beheading at the beginning of the video. It's not too graphic, but it does happen):

What are your favorite games? Do you prefer tabletop or video games? Do you have a group of people you play with, or do you like to solo?

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