Saturday, March 28, 2015

Peggy Carter Cosplay, post 2

I still haven't found fabric I like for Peggy's WWII uniform from Captain America: The First Avenger, so I have decided to switch gears and make Peggy's blue suit from the Agent Carter TV show. Peggy wears this suit in the first episode of Agent Carter and in some promotion images. It is royal blue, and she wears it with a white shirt, a red Stetson Aviatrix hat, and blue shoes.


I have already sourced a blue gabardine that I like very much, and am working on finding a hat I like. The fabric I'm using is polyester gabardine in royal blue from

My mom thought she had a red hat I could use, but it is too round and has a net veil across the front that I would hate to remove to repurpose the hat - and I don't want to do that, it would ruin the hat. Bummer!

Stetson makes the Aviatrix in red, a rerelease of a hat they made in the 1940s, and that is what was used on the show... but I can make the whole suit for less than $50, so I'm a bit hesitant to spend $95 on a hat, after shipping. There are some cheaper red fedora style hats on Amazon, so I am thinking about ordering one of them instead.

Opinions? I'm really struggling to make a decision on this. Part of me wants to order the Stetson, but that price tag really has me hesitating... but it would be so cool to own Peggy's hat. And I'm more confident in the sizing of the Stetson than the Amazon hats, but I suppose I could always resell on eBay if whatever I ordered came too small.
Stetson Aviatrix
Hat 1
Hat 2
Hat 3

For the shoes, I am going completely screen-inaccurate and not ashamed of it - I am going to wear flats or very low heels that I already own because I want to be comfortable! Probably Oxfords. I wore heels for my sister's wedding and I have never been happier to take off a pair of shoes! I can't imagine wearing a pair of heels to walk around at SDCC.

That's my progress on Peggy so far. I would still like to do her uniform, especially since I already have the pins and buttons, but until I find fabric I like I'm not going to spend time making something I'm not happy with.


  1. Ya know, since you can pull everything else together for a fair price tag, I say TREAT YO SELF and buy the Stetson!

    1. That is an excellent point! I should!

  2. I would totally buy the hat, I want that hat so bad I mean I already have everything else she wore lol! Also good call on the shoes I wore Peggy's shoes last weekend to a con and although they are pretty comfy for heels as soon as I sat in the car to come home they were off and that was just a small con SDCC would be a nightmare in heels! xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

    1. Yes! I saw a picture you posted from MCM - you looked great!

  3. What did you use for her blouse?

    1. Hi! I just wore a white button up because I ran out of time, but I am exploring other, more screen accurate options. I wrote a post about my costume and wearing it at SDCC, if you're interested: