Friday, March 20, 2015

#Fandom5: Comfort Films, March 20th, 2015

What movies do you choose when you've had a rough day, or aren't feeling well and just want to curl up on the couch?  That's the topic of this week's 5 Fandom Friday!

I love movies, and my list started to get kind of long.  I really had to narrow it down!  There are a bunch I would like to tack on as runner-ups - like the Avengers, which I like to watch when I travel, or The Vikings, which reminds me of my reenactment friends, or Muppet Christmas Carol, my favorite Christmas movie.  It was hard, but I managed to cut the list down to 6 entries plus one runner-up.

What movies did you choose?

1. Star Wars Trilogy
I can't choose just one, but honestly, anything Star Wars makes me feel better.  I watched a lot of Clone Wars while I was sick last week.

2. Disney movies
(especially Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Mulan)
I grew up with an extensive Disney VHS collection, and have continued to buy the DVDs/Blu-rays as an adult.  These movies are the visual media equivalent of chocolate chip cookies and macaroni & cheese - pure comfort food.  And I enjoy singing along.

3. The Fifth Element
This is one of those movies The Boyfriend and I like to watch together, and we quote it at each other at really random times.  It's just a part of our relationship.  Leeloo Dallas, multipass!

4. The Wedding Date
The Boyfriend doesn't understand why I don't own this movie yet, because if it is on TV I will find it.  I identify with the Kat character in a lot of ways, but I also love the romance, the humor, and the fact that it takes place in England.  If I'm feeling low, this movie helps me feel better.

5. Indiana Jones Trilogy
As unlike real archaeology as these movies are, they make me feel better when I'm in a grad school slump.  They are reinvigorating.  (Crystal Skull is not included in this list for a number of reasons.)

6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
I love movie musicals, especially movie musicals starring the he-man, macho hunk of movie musicals, Howard Keel.  Hnnngh.  Seven Brides is one of my all-time favorites, and I used to watch it with my sister when we were kids.  We especially loved the barn dance scene.

Runner up: The Thorn Birds
Technically this is a TV mini-series, starring the King of TV mini-series, Richard Chamberlain.  I stole my mom's VHS tapes when I moved out (shhhhhh) because I love this series.  All 8 hours of it.  The angst!  The forbidden love!  This one qualifies because it reminds me of my mom, it's 8 hours long, and it's good for a variety of moods.

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  1. Who doesn't love Indy?! I always catch myself watching it when it's on TV.

    1. Me too! Even though I own the movies on VHS and DVD, I still watch them whenever I find them on TV.

      What do you think about a reboot/prequel? I'm on the fence... That manip of Chris Pratt was delicious, but I don't think they need to reboot the Indy character. Why not just make a new character inspired by Indy?

  2. Indiana Jones & Star Wars!! I just love Harrison Ford <3

  3. I LOVE me some chic flicks! The Wedding Date is adorable! I love My Best Friend's Wedding too :) xx

    1. Love that one too - my sister and I used to watch it all the time, it was her favorite!

  4. Yes for Star Wars! I'm an Empire Strike Back girl! =)

    1. Yes! That is the best of the movies!