Thursday, February 26, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Cosplay, post 1

In addition to my Peggy Carter cosplay, I somehow convinced The Boyfriend to cosplay with me at San Diego Comic Con this year.  Still not sure what changed his mind, but I'm suspecting it's because he'll get to dress up as a JEDI!

We were watching Star Wars Rebels one evening when he said something about cosplaying as Hera and Kanan.  Of course, I freaked out and got very excited, but I wasn't entirely sure that he was serious.  But he said he was, and we started (I started) planning our costumes.  A week later we went shopping for fabric and now I'm working on my lekku.

Hera's costume consists of... You know what? Dave Filoni, the supervising director for Star Wars Rebels, has shared costume information about the characters for cosplayers, so I'll just link that! He even breaks down Hera and Sabine's costumes, giving tips about how he would construct items. I love that he is supporting the female fans!

Hera and Sabine costume guides

So I need to make or source: lekku, her flight headgear with goggles, X-wing style trousers with rigging, an off-white shirt, leather chest and shoulder pieces, gloves, and boots/spats. The lekku will be the most difficult part for me, but there are plenty of tutorials using a variety of materials (cloth, latex) available online.

Kanan's costume seems easier when you look at it, but the armor adds a level of difficulty. We will probably make ours out of foam, though I really want to try my hand at Worbla someday.

For the Kanan costume, we will need: a dark undershirt, a yellowish overshirt missing the right sleeve, light trousers, boots, the armor pieces, gloves, belts/holster, knee pads, and his light saber hilt. I suck at making pants, especially fitted pants like Kanan's, so we will source a pair from Old Navy or something (so they'll actually fit and The Boyfriend won't split the crotch!) They will probably have pockets, unlike Kanan's trousers on the show, but that's just an inaccuracy I'm willing to deal with (an inaccuracy that will be very useful). For the boots we are going to make spats to cover a pair of shoes.

Currently I am working on my lekku, and I will explain how I made them in a later post... if I'm successful.

Thanks for reading!

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