Sunday, February 8, 2015

Peggy Carter Cosplay, post 1

For SDCC 2015, I have decided to cosplay as Agent Peggy Carter and wear her uniform from Captain America: The First Avenger.

The components of this costume include:

  • olive drab uniform, consisting of jacket and skirt
  • gold army shield buttons
  • two SSR lapel pins
  • white collared shirt
  • brown tie
  • brown heeled shoes

I will be making my own uniform and will use Simplicity pattern 3688 as a guide.  I could draft the skirt easily enough, but I need a pattern for the jacket, and this one is close enough that it should work with a few modifications.

I already bought the lapel pins and buttons on eBay - I ordered the lapel pins from a Chinese seller, and they should arrive in the next couple of weeks.  They cost about $15 for a pair of pins, including shipping - this price seems pretty standard for auctions.  Kevinericon on started making and selling SSR pins back in 2011, and charges about $17 for a pair, including shipping in the US.  I would have ordered from him, but I didn't realize this thread was still active... D'OH!  You will need an account at to view that thread.  As of 12/25/2014 he had pins in stock.

I bought the buttons from an American seller, who said they found them at an estate sale, which is pretty cool.  The maker's mark on the back of the buttons says, "Waterbury Cos Inc Conn," which refers to Waterbury Companies, Inc.  Located in Connecticut, they have been supplying the US military with buttons since 1812,  This is the design used on Peggy's buttons, a design used by the US Army and depicting the Great Seal of the United States.  These buttons can also be purchased from the At the Front Shop for $14.99 plus shipping.  I paid about half of that, including shipping, through eBay and saved myself at least $17.00.

Now I am sourcing fabric to make my uniform.  This is proving to be strangely difficult - I could dye fabric that was almost 100% natural fibers, but haven't found any in a weight I like.  And they're almost all out of my pride range.  Synthetic material is fine for my purposes (and might be more comfortable at SDCC, instead of 100% wool!) but I would need it to be the right color and I'm struggling to find the right shade of olive drab.  The samples I've picked up are too green and need more brown.  What do you think?

The green fabric is the sleeve of an army surplus jacket I have, for comparison.  The canvas on the right is a Fossil brand messenger bag that I think is pretty close to the color I want.  The square of green fabric is a synthetic olive gabardine I found online, and the larger swatch of fabric at the top is a synthetic olive bengaline I found at JoAnns and picked up to compare the color.

The bengaline is close.  My biggest complaint about the gabardine was that it was too green and too dark, and the bengaline is a step in the right direction, color-wise... but the weight is wrong!

That is my progress so far on my Agent Carter costume.  I have plenty of time to find fabric, since I won't make the suit until closer to the Con since I don't know what size I'll be by then.  I've pretty much given up on completing Bespin Leia in time for SDCC. While I would love to wear that costume, I don't have time to work on all that embroidery!  As for other cosplays, I am unsure.  I might re-wear/re-make my Endor Leia costume (I will need new trousers), or make an attempt at Squirrel Girl or Kate Bishop.


  1. I can't wait to see it, I adore Peggy! I was thinking of doing a Peggy cosplay to but I've got so many others I need to finish off before the next con I may just do a casual look for her instead xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. I can't wait to see this finished! I can imagine finding the right shade of green is hard, but when you find it I think you'll just know!

  3. Oooo... I can't wait to see it once completed!

  4. I kind of like the olive gabardine.. It looks good to me in the photo, but I don't know how it actually looks in real life ;) I adore military uniforms. I always leant towards that kind of look when designing things in fashion school. The buttons sound cool, and historically apt!