Friday, January 9, 2015

#Fandom5: What I Like About Winter, January 9th, 2015

This week's Fandom5 topic: My Favorite Things About Winter!

Honestly, I hate winter.  It's probably my least favorite season.  It's cold and wet.  The snow and salt ruin your shoes.  You have to shovel and clean off the car to go do anything at all.  I have stayed at home and blown off appointments because I couldn't be bothered to clean off the car.  None of the neighbors shovel their sidewalks, so walking the dog becomes risky when the snow gets packed down and turns to ice.  The ones that do shovel use chemical deicers, which are bad for puppy feet.  It gets dark super early, my circadian rhythm gets all kinds of messed up, my vitamin D takes a nose dive, and seasonal depression sets in.

tl;dr: Winter sucks.

I'm struggling to think of what I do like about the winter... most of these things apply to autumn (the best season) and aren't exclusive to winter, but here goes nothing.

1.  Warm Clothes
I love hoodies and fuzzy socks and scarves and flannel PJs.  I'm also a freak who overheats easily, and I keep the thermostat at 58-60F at home.  I prefer to bundle up if I get chilly, but I pretty much live in a hoodie and pajama pants between October and April.

2.  The Food/Drinks
Thick stews.  Pot pies.  Mac & cheese.  Grilled cheese and soup.  Warm bread fresh from the oven.  Hot cocoa.  Tea.  Coffee with peppermint schnapps.  Mulled wine.  Buttered rum.  Hot toddies.  Om nom nom.

3.  I don't have to shave my legs
Nuff said.

4.  The Entertainment
When I lived in southern Ohio, where it always ices but doesn't always snow much, my apartment had a balcony overlooking a short dead-end street that ran up a hill.  I would sit in my apartment with a glass of wine and watch the neighbors try to drive/push their cars up the iced-over street.  This happened every year.  Schadenfreude.

(This was the same apartment where I witnessed someone pull a gun during a house party, along with a wealth of baby mama drama, and the neighbors invited my friend to come into their living room and do cocaine. Don't trash the Nati, let the Nati trash you, as they say.)

5.  Playing in the snow with my dog
When you live somewhere that regularly sees 100+ annual inches of snow (usually 150+), it gets old real fast.  I hate shoveling, it makes driving difficult, and after months of nothing but white everywhere, the world just looks so bland.  Snow is only fun until about mid-January, and then we just wish spring would hurry up and arrive.

But I love playing in the snow with my dog, Stormageddon.  I kick it up with my feet and he runs around, leaping through the drifts, trying to catch the flakes in his mouth, playing fetch with snowballs.  He is the only reason I like snow.

Now that this is done, I'm going to make some tea and snuggle my puppy!
What do you like about winter?  Do you live somewhere snowy?  Warm and sunny?

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  1. First post I read today and you had me LOLing with the shaved legs! #word. Stay warm!! xx

  2. Amen for #3!! (goes for underarms too, eh? ;)

    Cute doggy!!

    1. Definitely! It's like, "No Shave November? Amateurs!" ;-)

      And thanks! He's a sweetie.

  3. First, I love that your dog's name is Stormageddon. He is adorable! I know snow in reality is actually a pain in the butt, but as an idea, it's quite pretty & I would love for my dog (Loki) to experience it. I think he'd love playing in it - but it doesn't snow in SoCal, so I'd have to drive him up into the mountains.

    Your #3 made me LOL, and yes, it's so true and SUCH A PLUS.

    1. I'm sure Loki would love the snow! (I follow his account on Instagram - he's such a cutie!)

      I've come to enjoy the snow more since we got Stormie, because it means he gets to play in it. He gets so excited at the word, "Snow!" now, and his excitement is contagious, no matter how much I grumble about shoveling.