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#Fandom5: Favorite Geeky Accessories, January 30th, 2015

Fandom5 topic:
My Favorite Geeky Accessories & Clothes

I own many more geeky t-shirts/clothes than I do accessories, so I'm going to have to expand this topic to include all my geeky clothes - otherwise I'll only have three things to write about - my Portal earrings, my robot necklaces, and my... um... wow, I really don't have many geeky accessories!  To the mall!!!  To buy all the things!

1. Space and Time T-shirt, Threadless
I love this shirt because it looks like it references Doctor Who, but it isn't actually a Doctor Who shirt.  I mean, it says Space & Time across the top, and that thing looks like the TARDIS, and the guy totally looks like a mishmash of the 5th and 7th Doctors.  I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped by other Whovians who wanted a closer look, and then we geek out together when I ask them if they thought it was Doctor Who.

source: Threadless

2.  Portal Earrings
I love my Portal earrings!  I bought them on Etsy from seller SVCharms. Unfortunately it looks like they don't make them anymore.  They were a little bigger than I was expecting, and I used to have long hair that got tangled in the figure, so I don't wear them as often as I'd like.  But last year for SDCC I put together an outfit to go with them, and wore it to the Gaslamp on Preview Night - gray skirt with orange and blue embroidery, and layered orange and blue tank tops.

3.  Battlestar Galactica Sweater
In 2010 I bought a moto-sweater at Eddie Bauer.  As I was walking past the shop I spotted it and freaked out because the cut and color reminded me of the dress uniforms on Battlestar Galactica.  Starbuck is one of my all-time favorite characters, and I feel pretty badass when I wear it.

4.  Robot Necklaces
I bought the pink one for myself in the Rose Center for Earth and Space gift shop at the American Natural History Museum, right next to the awesome exhibit on the Big Bang.  It's cute and girly, and I love that because how many times were we told as little girls that robots were for boys?  I wear this one with t-shirts and casual outfits.

I made the bronze one from a keychain I bought on eBay for $2 and a length of jewelry chain from JoAnns.  When I made him, you could buy necklaces like it on ModCloth for $25 - but mine cost $6 for supplies (and he's cuter).  I wear this one when I want a quirky necklace, but need to look semi-professional (for an academic) or somewhat dressed up.

5.  Heart of the Ocean Necklace
I had to include this because it was my first brush with rabid fandom and it makes me laugh whenever I think about it.  I was 12 when Titanic was released, and my mom let me go with my cousin to see it, even though it was rated *gasp!* PG-13!!!

I became obsessed, probably in part because all the other girls I knew were obsessed and I finally had something in common with them (middle school was a very rough time for me, like it is for a lot of kids).  For the first time in two years, I had friends and someone to sit with at lunch!

But unlike the girls I was friends with, who just had crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio and soon moved on to whatever came next, I took my fandom one step further and started buying all sorts of history books about the Titanic, its history and discovery, and the making of the movie.  I even went to see Robert Ballard give a talk at the local university.  The nerd was strong with me that year.

A local jeweler started making these necklaces with matching earrings in spring 1998, right around my birthday, and my mom bought a set for me.  I still have it, though I haven't worn it since middle school - where I wore it every. single. day.  I'm pretty sure it's in my 8th grade class photo...

So even though I sure don't wear this anymore, it gets a place of honor in my jewelry box well, it usually is there, but I couldn't find it for a pic.  I have a vague memory of teasing my sister about wearing it to her wedding...?  The dresses were blue, so maybe I took it out then and forgot to put it back.

What are your favorite geeky accessories?  What do you like to pair them with?  Do you buy accessories at Cons or from Etsy or...?

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  1. Your items are so unique! I'd love to see your Battlestar G-inspired jacket!! Omg I was also obsessed with the Heart of the Ocean as a kid! My mom bought me a keychain from the dollar store that had a giant blue gem of a heart and she helped me put it on a chain so I could wear it as a necklace. It was gigantic, lol.