Friday, January 2, 2015

#Fandom5: Fandom Resolutions, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!  First Fandom5 of the year!  What did y'all do for New Year's?  Any parties?  We stayed in, ate a bunch, and played board games and video games.

Since it's New Year, this week's Fandom5 is about resolutions - last week was blogging resolutions, this week is Fandom Resolutions!

I think that just like regular resolutions, these would be something to achieve or enhance your experience of your fandoms and hobbies.

There are some fandom related things I'm going to obviously finish or achieve - like finishing my cosplay for SDCC 2015 - and there are things I occasionally think of that I would like to do, but never seem to get around to.  I'm focusing this list on the latter, since maybe it will help me do them!

My 2015 Fandom Resolutions are...

1.  I think it's well-established that I love Star Wars.  So one resolution I am making is that I will do everything within my power to get into Hall H at SDCC to see the Star Wars Episode VII panel if there is one.  Oh, please let there be one... My sister even made me a Star Wars themed Hall H survival kit as a Christmas present!  Blanket, pillow, and charger for my iPhone while I sleep on the (hopefully) grass!

2.  Read all my comic books.  I have a LOT of comics, and most of them are unread because there are only so many hours in the day and I already spend a lot of them reading for work.  I've read about half of what is pictured below, and I received four more TPBs for Christmas!

This isn't even all of them...

Related to #2 -

3.  Stop buying single issues and wait for trade paperbacks!!!
I prefer TPBs; they're easier to store, easier to read because I don't have to worry about ruining them, and no waiting every 25-30 pages for the story to continue.  I fell into the habit of buying single issues for some stories recently, and I should have just waited for the TPBs.

It's like they're laughing at me... Shut up, Wyvern Hatchling and Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin! I don't need your ridicule!

4.  Organize the Nerd Cave: sell off unnecessary junk, display what I want to keep, and be more discerning about what I purchase.  I have so much stuff - I want to buy less and only buy things I reeeeeeeeeeally like.  And build more shelves to display all my cool stuff!  This is hard, because half of the room is my "office" - bookshelves with academic books and dissertation notes, my writing desk, piles of library books... while the other half is the Nerd Cave, with my gaming computer and collectibles.

5.  Play through my library of video games.  I have so many for the PS3 and my PC that I have never even opened!  Or are sitting half-finished!  I'm not too bad about buying a bunch (oooh Steam sales) but I do pick up 2-3 each year that I never play, and they have started to pile up.  So this year, I will finish Assassin's Creed, Lollipop Chainsaw, Bioshock 1/2/3, KOTOR, FFVII, Dragon Age, Skyrim... it's just so easy to log onto one of my MMOs and then I spend my gaming hours playing those instead.

At least I *opened* Dungeons of Dredmor, once... that counts, right? And, like half these games were in a Humble Bundle, you can't expect me to play those before ones I specifically selected to buy, right?  Right???

And I just thought of a 6th resolution I would like to make...

6.  This is the year I want to find a tabletop gaming group to play RPGs with.  I played D&D at Comic Con last year and loved it, so I want to find a group to play D&D or Pathfinder or another table top RPG with.  Hopefully a mixed-gender group... I was the only girl at the table at Comic Con, and while the guys were all really nice, I need to make more local geek girl friends!

What are your fandom resolutions for this year?  Anything you want to achieve?  Fix?  Purchase?  Cosplay as?  A con you are going to try to go to?  A new fandom you want to learn about?

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  1. Oooh I *need* to organize/clean out stuff as well! I just wish I owned/had room for shelves!!

    1. That's one of my biggest problems - there's no more room for all the shelves I need!