Friday, January 16, 2015

#Fandom5: Conventions, January 16th, 2015

Fandom5 topic:
Conventions I've Been To -or- Want To Attend! 

I've been to plenty of archaeology conventions/conferences/symposiums, but only a few hobby based conventions.  But there are many that I would love to attend, and they are all over the US.

I enjoy sitting in on panels and learning something, either about a new book/movie/game or a part of an industry that is new to me.  I also like shopping, but really I just like seeing all the cool stuff for sale - I don't get too sad if I can't buy something or miss an exclusive.  And parties... oh man, I love to dance!

1.  San Diego Comic Con, San Diego, CA
The Big One.  I went in 2014, and I'm going back this year!  It was a blast - there is so much to do and see, and so many great people to interact with!  I really can't wait.

2.  DragonCon, Atlanta, GA
I would love to attend this convention - this is a big cosplay convention, and I want to see it in person!  For now, I will enjoy other people's photos and creativity.

3.  TeslaCon, Milwaukee, WI
This would be a blast to attend!  It's a steampunk convention - people get into character, the main hotel gets decorated, and there's a theme each year (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, To the Moon, etc).  I have a group of friends that goes each year, and I would love to join them!

4.  A comic convention in Ohio
I have friends all over that state, and my sister lives in central Ohio now, so I'd like to take her to a convention there.  But I'm wondering if Wizard World Ohio is really worth the $30/day price tag... some of the smaller cons have great reputations along the local comic stores.

5.  New York Comic Con, New York City
I've never been, but it's only a few hours on the train to NYC from here.  It's funny that I've traveled all the way to California for a big con, but never been to the largest in my own state!

6.  Star Wars Celebration, 2015 location is Anaheim, CA
It's a Con all about Star Wars!!!!  I love Star Wars!!!  STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you prefer big cons or local cons?  Comic conventions, or another kind?  What do you like to do there - shop?  Sit in on panels?  Go to parties?  Meet celebrities?

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  1. :O A Star Wars Convention! That would be so fun!! :D

    1. Right!? I love the idea of going and doing nothing but Star Wars for a whole weekend!

  2. Ooh I completely forgot about Teslacon! I'd love to see the steampunk fashions!! And archeology?!? I dreamed of being an archeologist as a kid and would love to study it, still! So a con geared toward that sounds cool ! ;)

    1. While archaeology conferences are not as big, fun, or energetic as pop culture conventions, the analogy works surprisingly well. There are panels, rooms full of things for sale (usually books or companies selling equipment), and some of them end with a crazy dance party! You see friends there that you only see at that particular conference, people complain about scheduling or getting shut out of the event hotel, and sometimes there are field trips and tours, kind of like SDCC's offsite events.

      Most of them are geared towards academics and professionals, but if you look for public archaeology events near you, you might find something fun to participate in!

  3. LOL, I love that our reason for Star Wars Celebration is the same. I think it's self-explanatory. ;)

    1. It's the only reason we need!

      (Sometimes I feel like Benny from the LEGO Movie, only I'm running around yelling, "Star Wars!" instead of "Spaceship!")

  4. I'm hoping to actually get tickets this year to SDCC. I went last year but did all the outside free stuff. It was fun though!! Dragon Con and NYCC sound amazing and they are on my wishlist. I'm still debating if I can squeeze in Star Wars Celebration.

    1. Just saw your comment!

      I hope you get tickets for SDCC! We went last year and got our 2015 tickets through the pre-sale - we got very lucky both times.