Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: December 12th, 2014

Christmas is getting closer and closer!  This week's Fandom5 is about... Presents!!!

Five Presents I Want Santa to Bring to Me!

I don't like writing Christmas lists as an adult, because it feels like I'm being greedy and bossy - "Buy me THIS!" - but my mom and The Boyfriend's mom both insist on lists, so I oblige.  But to be honest... my lists have way more toys and comics on them now than they did when I was a kid!

This year, I'm asking Santa for...

1.  JoAnn's Gift Cards/Cosplay Supplies
I'm starting work on my SDCC 2015 cosplays, and I need supplies!  Fabric, thread, embroidery floss, shoes, fake hair pieces (because I'm cutting 8-12 inches off my hair in two weeks and won't be able to do Leia styles anymore!), a replica blaster, leather, all the things!!!

2.  LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina playset
I have Jabba's Palace and Rancor Pit, and the Millennium Falcon.  I think I need a Cantina, so I can play all my favorite Han Solo scenes!  Then everyone will pregame at Jabba's, hop in the Falcon (Chewy is going to DD), and go to the Cantina to party with Loki and Unikitty!

Han SHOT. Period. Greedo didn't get a shot off, so there was no "first."

3.  Wonder Woman footie pajamas
Who wouldn't want a pair of these?  They are freaking awesome!!!
I would also accept a Wonder Woman snuggie.

4.  A trip to England
I haven't been back to England in almost two years.  I miss my friends!  I would love to go back for a few weeks and see everyone, preferably during the summer when reenactment season is happening.

5.  Hawkeye trade paper back collection
How have I not read this yet!?  Being a grad student really cuts into my comic reading time!

What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?

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  1. Hoping I get some money to add to my UK fund as well! Good luck to us both! xx

    1. Yes, money for pints and prawn crisps! Your trip is going to be so awesome.

  2. Another Hawkeye mention! I really need to check it out. Those pyjamas are great! I think I saw something similar at Wal Mart.. Yay for toys!!

    1. I keep finding stills from the Hawkeye comics on Twitter and Pinterest, and finally I said, "Yeah, I need to read this." Of everything on this list, I think those are the only things I remembered to mention when my mom asked me what I wanted, so fingers crossed!

      I hope you get your Monster High dolls - toys are the best!

  3. Those PJs are A+! Funny thing, last Christmas, my friend bought me a Superman snuggie, and she said it was specifically for "when you have to sleep in line at Comic Con,", lol.

    1. Haha that's awesome! I was actually thinking about the Hall H line when I posted the pajamas/snuggie. Did you use it?