Saturday, November 8, 2014

SDCC 2015: It Begins

Congrats to everyone who managed to buy badges in today's SDCC 2015 pre-registration sale!

We were able to buy two four-day badges.  We didn't do preview night last year, and selected not to this year - we'd rather take it easy, explore the Gaslamp, and have an early night before the rush begins on Thursday, so I'm sure whoever bought them instead of us will put them to good use!

Preview night sold out about ten minutes after I bought our badges, then Friday and Saturday were gone about ten minutes after that.  By 12:48 EST everything was gone.  There was speculation that it went so fast because there were fewer badges available for the pre-reg sale, but SDCC tweeted that it was because things were running so smoothly.  And they really were - other than some tweets about people having issues in the waiting room and a few people complaining about their internet connections, I haven't heard of any major problems.

I've been a big ball of stress all week - AcWriMo (I'm behind already), a side project my lab adviser was emailing me about (the reason I'm behind), and just general life stuff - so it helps that the pre-reg is over and that we were successful.  It always helps to have something really exciting to look forward to, too.

And now I get to reward myself with cosplay planning!  First up is Bespin Leia.  I'll be starting this asap, depending on my AcWriMo success... so much embroidery... so much writing...

Wish me luck with my writing!  And good luck to everyone planning on participating in the general badge sale this spring!

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