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Loot Crate Review: Battle Theme, November 2014

This was my third month receiving a Loot Crate subscription.  Loot Crate is a monthly mystery box subscription.  For a little less than $20.00, subscribers receive a selection of themed items geared towards geeks and gamers.  The boxes are mailed around the 20th of each month.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, check out the Loot Crate website.

This month's theme was Battle!

Loot Crate's social media accounts teased the items, as always.  A Megaman item.  An Assassin's Creed item.  A t-shirt.  And, on top of all the stuff they include, a code for a Steam game worth $20.

Knowing that The Boyfriend loves Megaman, I told him about the item and promised that it would be his.  I was hoping this crate would have something he would be excited about, and it seemed like the Megaman exclusive would fit the bill.

I received the tracking email on November 17th and the box was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, November 22nd.  Instead it arrived on Friday, November 21st - what a surprise to find it waiting on the front porch, when the tracking info said it was still at the post office!

The Battle crate contained:
  1. Mega Man Mini Helmet model - we got the red one
  2. Assassin's Creed: Unity collectible coin with pouch
  3. Street Fighter headband
  4. MegaBloks Halo Drop Ship figurine
  5. Steam code for Street Fighter IV
  6. QR Code for Mega Man digital comics
  7. 50% discount code for Lichdom Battlemage on Steam
  8. Pirates vs. Ninjas t-shirt
  9. The standard Loot Crate magazine and pin, included in every box

I was much happier with this Crate than last month's.  The selection of items, the fandoms they represent, and the quality seemed much better than October's Fear Crate.  And I was happy that a Crate finally came that was full of things The Boyfriend liked - he ended up taking the majority of this Crate for himself, and I happily let him, since I bogarted the Galactic Crate in September.

Th t-shirt design is still "out there," but this is something I could see myself wearing.  The design is "Pirates vs. Ninja" by Zen Monkey Studios.  I like the colors used in the design, and it's interesting and abstract enough that it looks like it could be a cool band tee or an indie design - it's not like obvious mash-up tees, of which I own many.

Unfortunately, Loot Crate sent us the wrong size... I order a particular size because it's one both The Boyfriend and I could comfortably wear, but this shirt came one size too small.  Loot Crate has an exchange program in place, but I'm debating if it would be worth it to send it back for another.

We were very happy with the Mega Man helmet model - especially because the one we got was red, and Proto Man is the Boyfriend's favorite character from that series.  Technically this red helmet isn't Proto Man's, but we were stupid excited to get it anyway!  This is even more special because we wanted to buy the red variant Mega Man helmet from the Capcom booth at SDCC 2014 and missed it.  But thanks to Loot Crate, now The Boyfriend has some Mega Man swag for his desk!


Neither of us are Halo players, and I don't think I've played Street Fighter since the 1990s, but both of those items were nice inclusions in this month's Crate.  The Boyfriend took both of them to his office, where the Halo MegaBloks figurine joined his extensive collection of Warcraft MegaBlok toys.

The Assassin's Creed collectible coin came in a red velvety pouch, and advertises the newest game in that series, Assassin's Creed: Unity, which takes place during the French Revolution.  The coin is imprinted with "Liberte, Egalite, Unity" which is based on the revolutionary slogan and French motto "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" and a blank space for engraving on one side (are people really going to engrave this?), with the Assassin's Seal over the Rose Window from Notre Dame on the other.  I haven't played any of the games in this series other than the first one (in a strange display of self-restraint, I have held off buying the newer games until I finish that one), and I'm not a huge fan of collectible coins because I'm not sure how to display them, but I think this is a cool item anyway.

And a fun little feature of this month's Crate...

What could that possibly mean?

The cardboard box for this month's Crate has pop-up features to create a little playset, and cardboard standees were included in the magazine to use in the Crate battleground!  What a neat little feature, especially if you have kids or use the boxes as display cases.

I really enjoyed this month's Crate, moreso than the previous two.  I liked the types of items in this month's box, even when they weren't for a game I play.  Also, since it was my third subscription month, I received my official membership card!

If I was on the fence about cancelling my subscription last month, the November Battle Crate has convinced me to continue receiving Loot Crates.  I am excited for December's Crate, which will be Anniversary themed!  How fun!  2014 was a big year - Marvel, Ghostbusters, and Batman all had big anniversaries, which will be represented in the Crate, and they are promising an exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl and their largest Crate ever.  Sign up now if you're interested - sign ups are closed on the 19th of the month, if they don't run out sooner!

Also, I just want to say how nice and helpful Loot Crate customer service is.  I had signed up for the 3-month box but decided to change to the monthly subscription instead.  While I wish I could just change that myself in my account without contacting customer service to do it for me, they handled the change quickly and Jodi was very friendly.

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