Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Next Cosplay

SDCC 2015 Badge Preregistration is supposed to happen sometime in November.  Since we attended in 2014, we are eligible to participate in this early badge sale, and we were sure to enter our badge numbers so we would be ready!

Though SDCC 2015 is eight months away, thinking about the Preregistration Badge Sale has SDCC on my mind.  And that means I've been thinking about cosplay!

I was going to try to make a Sabriel cosplay, but after figuring out how much it would cost, I don't think I can afford it right now.  The scale armor, the bells, it all just adds up fast.  I also thought to finish my Loki cosplay - I've already made the pepakura helmet - but cost is the same reason I haven't finished that one yet.  I think I'm going to stick to cheaper cosplays at the moment.  And ask for JoAnn's gift cards for Christmas  :-P

I have decided my next cosplay project will be Bespin Leia.  If I watch the sales, I can buy the materials cheap - the biggest cost will be time, with all that embroidery.


In addition to Bespin Leia, I want to make a couple more cosplays.  I'm playing with the idea of Darlene Dixon - a Rule 63 version of Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead, Agent Peggy Carter from Captain America, and Bitch Pudding from Robot Chicken (WARNING: Language).


Overall, these cosplays would be very easy to execute, relative to Loki's leather suit or some kind of armor (oooh Lady Sif, how I want to cosplay you... One day, when I can afford Worbla.)

If we utterly fail to get SDCC 2015 badges...?  Well, I'm still making the costumes.  I'll just be bummed I can't wear my new Leia costume to the Star Wars VII panel in Hall H!

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