Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sailor Moon Charm Display

Earlier this summer I found the Sailor Moon die-cast charm gashapon* set for sale at a comic book store.

I bought the entire set, but I wasn't sure what I would do with them.  They are metal, but the finish and paint would get scratched if I used them as keychains.  I placed a couple on my carry-on when we went to Comic Con, but was worried about them getting lost or ruined the entire time.

I wanted to display them, but I wasn't sure how until I was looking at Pinterest one day.  Back when my sister was planning her wedding she created a Pinterest board for wedding ideas and added me as a Pinner.  I rarely looked at it, but one day I posted a photo of a shadowbox I saw on a friend's Facebook page, one that displayed the veil and invite and other paraphernalia from the wedding day.  I posted it because it seemed like the kind of thing my sister would like, and I never would have given it a second thought except people keep repinning it and it appears in my notifications every time I go on Pinterest.

So I saw this shadowbox photo, and I thought, "That's what I should do with my gashapon set!"

I bought a shadowbox from JoAnn's when they were on sale, and some scrapbooking paper.  I wanted to hang the charms inside the shadowbox, and decorate the outside with the Sailor Moon title logo or a silhouette or glitter or something.

This is what I came up with:

I was inspired by the artwork from Sailor Moon Crystal, specifically the still images that appear before and after commercials.  I used one of those as a guide to design the Sailor Moon silhouette.  The title is based on the original anime.  I couldn't find a clean image to use as a stencil or to print, most were very grainy (actually, the one I linked is better than what I was using when I was crafting... why didn't I find that one?!)  I'm happy with the gold and pink portion, if I can get a cleaner print of the rest of it I will replace that part because the writing is sloppy, though I kind of like the '80s concert flier feel of the pink and black.

The charms are backed by a sheet of velvet scrapbook paper.  I used a nail to punch holes through the paper and a piece of cardboard.  Altogether, the supplies for this cost less than $15.00; $8.00 for the frame (on discount) and about $5.00 for the paper.

I'm very pleased with the result.  It is going to hang on the wall in my nerd cave, near my other Sailor Moon goodies.

*Gashapon are small toys and items that are sold from vending machines in Japan.  The name is an onomatopoeia, for the sounds the machine makes as you buy your toy.  These items usually cost a few hundred Yen (a few dollars American) but they are much nicer quality than the ones you find in the US for fifty cents.

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