Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nerd Cave: Under Renovation

The Nerd Cave has been undergoing some changes.

No, not this blog.  The actual, physical Nerd Cave in my house.

The Boyfriend has decided to move his gaming computer to the basement, which means I get to take over the Nerd Cave and make it my own.


When we moved into the house four years ago, we were in a bit of a rush.  Our closing date kept getting pushed back, until we finally gained possession of the house two days before we had to be out of the apartment.  It was just the two of us and a Uhaul, and I was taking the biggest exam of my life in three weeks, so unpacking and getting everything set up was the least of our priorities.  It was all about getting everything out of the apartment by 11:59pm July 31st, while keeping track of my books and notes so I could continue studying.  It sucked and took us forever to get settled.  There are still boxes in the basement that are unopened from the move.  On top of all that, his parents were moving themselves and were crashing with us while they waited for their new house to be built - so we were getting settled in our first house together, while having house guests and dealing with our crap moving situation and my qualifying exam!  Woof.  It was awful.

Because the Boyfriend worked from home then, he took the third bedroom as his office.  It's a tiny room, not suited for much more than a twin bed and maybe a desk and/or dresser.  After we were in the house for about a year, we built new gaming computers and got a desk for me to use, and the office became our Nerd Cave.  Office by day, gaming room by night, both of us sitting at our desks, headphones on, smashing keys.

But now he no longer works from home.  And he has started streaming on Twitch, so he wanted a new space where he could spread out a bit and have a better camera set up, without my Sailor Moon dolls and trash covered desk behind him.

When he mentioned taking over the basement, I told him to go right ahead!  He was surprised.  Originally, my office was supposed to be in the basement, but it was a mess down there from us moving in a hurry, it was damp and I was worried about my books, and I hated working down there.  Both of us thought the other would be opposed to switching offices - otherwise we would have done this years ago!  I did my PhD qualifying exam prep and take-home essay from the Nerd Cave, since it was the most private area of the house with desk space, and I like working in there!  I would have stayed in there and never left if I thought I could!

The last couple of days have been focused on him organizing the basement (ha!) and moving all of his stuff out of the Nerd Cave.  Now, all of my books are in boxes in the dining room as I organize the Nerd Cave into my own private office!  My gaming computer is still in there, because it has the GIS software I use for my dissertation on it, and I have added my old desk and recliner to the room, along with my bookcases.  I now have everything I need to write my dissertation all in one accessible and private space.  I can close the door, turn on music or a movie, and work without interruption.  This is something I've lacked since we moved in here, since even when I worked in the basement he would pop in to interrupt me, and this is something I have sorely needed.

I am a private person.  I like being alone.  I can go days without talking to anyone human (I talk to my dog, though), and feel better for the break.  I hate working around other people, and I hate their interruptions even more.  We've been living together for 5 years and I still miss having my own place.  I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to working in my own space again!  I mean, I passed my PhD qualifying exam after working in that room, so I know I can study in there and see progress.

We are sad that we won't be gaming in the same room anymore - it was fun to play on our computers together, even if we were playing different games, and it was great when we were playing together because we could communicate easily without relying on tells or Vent, like we did when we lived in separate cities.  But all my old systems are hooked up to the TV down there - my Sega, N64, and PS2 - so I can play my old consoles while he plays on his PC, or we can rock some Sonic 2 or Mario Kart together!

This has all happened just in time for the end of the month too.  I have a deadline I'm working to meet, and I was starting to feel like I wouldn't make it unless I found a quiet and private space to work without interruption.  And now I have one!

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