Friday, July 18, 2014

SDCC Scheduling Anxiety

I've been putting our SDCC schedule together.

I kept switching between the feeling we were trying to see too many panels, to believing we weren't trying to attend enough.

I thought a hour in line would be enough to get into most panels, but the popular ones like Blizzard and Sailor Moon and the author panel with GRRM and Diana Gabaldon will need longer wait times.  And then I worried we would spend hours in a line and still miss it, but if we arrived too early then we'd feel like we could have done something else...

This is what I feel like...
I am pretty darned indecisive.  This affects other areas of my life, and is coming out pretty hardcore right now.  It's because I am terrified of failure and want to never, ever make a wrong decision, so I end up not making a decision.  It's a crappy way to live, to be honest.

Ultimately I decided on a schedule that will have us attending one panel Thursday, a few in the same room on Friday, two on Saturday, and none on Sunday.  But even though the schedule will look like we have a lot of free time, we will be exploring the Gaslamp, attending Geek & Sundry and Nerd HQ, and participating in activities that still require a Comic Con badge - like shopping on the Con floor, attending table top RPG demos in the Marriott, and other offsite events.

I think this is flexible enough that if it looks like we won't get into the panel we were waiting for, we can try for another one later and just leave the line to explore early.

Really, I just need to keep reminding myself that there is so much to see and do, no matter what I end up doing I will be missing something.  I cannot be in two places at once, I need to account for travel and line times, and I won't actually be missing out on anything unless I end up stressing myself out to the point where I can't enjoy the things I do end up experiencing.

So the things to remember with SDCC and its schedule is NO REGRETS.

Choosing to visit Geek & Sundry instead of the Sailor Moon panel?  No regrets.  Missing a panel because it's almost my turn in an exclusive line?  No regrets.  Flexibility is key, just enjoy being there and all the opportunity that provides.

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