Friday, June 13, 2014

The Road to ComicCon! 40 Days Out

Only 40 days left!  It's hard to believe, but San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us!

(I'm using the countdown on the SDCC Unofficial Blog)

Yesterday I went out and bought some more supplies to work on my cosplay.  I really need to make some significant progress on it in the next week, because there is still so much to do.

I need to...

  • Paint my poncho
  • Make my belt and pouches
  • Make my vest
  • Modify my shirt
  • Make my trousers
  • Figure out just what the heck I'm wearing on my feet
  • Build my blaster

I will make posts about my cosplay here, and I intend to post a detailed blaster build once that is done and I have photos.

On top of everything I still need to do for my cosplay, I need to embellish the hoodie I'm going to take with.  According to a few sources, the AC inside the convention center and the chilly nights near the waterfront mean con-goers will be dealing with fluctuating temperatures throughout the day.  I have decided to make a special hoodie to wear: a Captain Marvel hoodie.  (I really like this tutorial by Tumblr user ShinyKari.)

Fortunately that is pretty much all I have left to do before we leave.  Other than packing, it seems like everything is ready.  We obviously have our passes.  We've had our hotel reservation almost as long (and are barely paying for it - yay Marriott points!), and our flights planned for close to two months now.

I even have my daily backpack picked out and have been putting supplies in it as I've thought of them/added them to my list.  Once I have that put together I'll do my own post on what I'll be carrying every day as a Comic Con n00b - and then after the Con I'll do a follow up, saying what worked, what didn't, and if I forgot anything that would have been useful.

Some resources I've found helpful in preparing for Comic Con:
Toucan Blog - this is the official Comic-Con International blog, and while I haven't used it much since buying our passes, they updated this week that they will be posting schedules, etc, so I plan to visit it frequently to see what's up.
SDCC Blog - everything on this site is useful, and I am using their Twitter recommendations to follow real-time updates at the Con.
Outside Comic Con - their events list details what is going on in the Gaslamp district and around the convention center
Nerdy Girlie - her backpack guide and general tips and tricks draw from her own experience attending SDCC.
r/ComicCon - Reddit's Comic Con community has been pretty useful.  Like the rest of Reddit, you have to wade through the crap to get to the good stuff, and the most useful links can be found if you just follow the first two blogs I've linked, but occasionally good questions or conversations are started on this sub that help provide new perspectives or information.

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