Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Road to ComicCon! Cosplay: Endor Assault Leia, #1

Though we're going all four days of ComicCon, I am only planning to cosplay one of those days.

I don't know which day yet... I'd like to get through one day without a costume so I can get a feel for the Con, in case I want to change my mind about wearing a costume at all.  I also don't think cosplaying on Saturday is right for me, since it is the busiest day of the Con, a big cosplay day, and I don't want to turn down photos if there are panels or other things I want to see.  It might be more fun to be the one with the camera on Saturday, too.

So that leaves Friday (another big day), or Sunday.

Right now I'm thinking Friday.

But whichever day I wear it, right now I'm planning to make an Endor Assault Leia costume.

(photo via The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Costumes)

This is the outfit Leia wears when she is in the rebel briefing and during the speeder bike chase scenes of Return of the Jedi.  Later in that movie, she wears it when the rebels are taking the bunker.  It consists of a khaki shirt, gray vest with insignia, blue pants with a yellow strip on the sides, boots, belt with blaster holster and gear pouch, and her camouflaged poncho.  I won't be wearing her speeder bike helmet, but that is also part of her gear.  Or... maybe I will... I'm not sure yet.

I like this particular costume because it looks like it would be comfortable to wear all day.  Not very restrictive, no high heels, no armor that might end up chafing.

(photo via Rebels' Haven, check out her finished costume at deviantArt)

I was originally thinking of doing a female Loki cosplay (not Lady Loki from the comics, more of a Rule 63 Loki) with the costume from the Stuttgart scene in The Avengers ("You were made to kneel!"), but then I realized all that pleather in the California heat would make me miserable.  I also LOVE Lady Sif's armor from Thor: The Dark World, but was concerned with how comfortable I would be wearing heels and a chestpiece all day.  We're staying in Mission Valley, so just zipping into the hotel to change isn't really an easy option, even with the trolleys.

I love Princess Leia.  She is a badass in her own right.  This excellent post from Tumblr user Rhube describes how retelling the story of Episode IV from the perspective of Leia shows how awesome she is and how she could have been the New Hope referred to in the title.  In my opinion, it improves on the story.  Go on.  Read it.  I'll wait.

Once I moved past the desire to cosplay someone in armor, I realized that I should cosplay as Leia.  The majority of her costumes are pretty comfortable looking and seem relatively easy to make.  I even have waist-length dark brown hair.  (Which I occasionally wear in Leia's iconic side buns, because I am a Star Wars geek and proud of it.)  It then became just a matter of deciding which of Leia's costumes to make.

I settled on her Bespin dress, her white Senator gown, or the Endor assault gear.

(all photos via The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Costumes)

After doing preliminary research into each, I decided the Bespin dress would be too time consuming with all the embroidery on her robe, and I didn't want to spend my time doing that.  The Senator dress would be fun and easily recognizable, but I'm sloppy enough that I would spill something on it.  Plus a field of white might not be very forgiving on my frame.  But the Endor assault gear?  Kind of the perfect option for what I want from this cosplay.

Next up: beginning work on the costume!

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