Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Road to ComicCon! 70 days out

The boyfriend and I have never been on a real vacation together.  

Yes, we've taken time away from work to visit our families together.  Yes, we even went to New York City for the weekend on our anniversary a few years ago.  But every trip we've been on has been focused on visiting with relatives (ie spend a week/end sitting on my mom's couch, bookended by 6+ hours in the car), or planned last minute and only lasting two days.  Never have we ever gone someplace just to go there, to relax, see new things, and get away from home for a bit.

For New Year's he said that our resolution should be to go on a real vacation this year.  Just us two, to someplace we want to go, for at least a week.  

Of course I agreed.

Then, sometime in February, he suggested we try to make that vacation be a trip to San Diego Comic Con.


We made our accounts and eagerly awaited the day passes would go on sale.  I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be the first two Saturdays in March, since I had obligations that would keep me away from the computer both days.  My heart dropped a little when it was revealed on a few blogs that it looked like passes would go on sale March 15th, and I cursed the gods when I received my official email saying that yes, they definitely were going on sale that day.

Fortunately, it worked out.  We managed to log in to both of our accounts and mine was placed in line right away!  We scored passes for all four days (we passed on preview night, since this will be our first time to this con and that seemed a bit much to start, but sometimes I think that was a bad choice).  Our second account never even got placed in line.  

And now we're going to ComicCon!!!!

Since this is our first trip, we're taking it easy.  Not going to stress over missing anything (there are so many cool things to see anyway!) and keeping an eye on panel and exclusive announcements so we can plan ahead a bit.

But even though we're taking it easy, I'm still going to cosplay!

We're still bouncing ideas around.  My boyfriend is not really into dressing in costume for any reason, so while we have a really fun idea for matching cosplays, it probably won't happen.  But I will be updating with costume-making progress here as it happens.

Can't wait!  Only 70 days left until ComicCon!

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