Tuesday, August 5, 2014

30th Entry!

Wow!  I'm 30 entries deep on this blog already!  (Okay, maybe it's only 29, but I wrote an entry for December already that is scheduled to post at the holidays, so let's count that)

Most of my posts were about Comic Con, and now that SDCC is over until next year, I might not be around as much this month.  But this is less to do with Comic Con being over and more to do with the fact that I need to focus on my dissertation over the next month.  It was a lot of fun detailing how I was preparing for Comic Con here, though, and unlike every blog I've started since... well, in the last ten years, I do intend to keep up with this one.  This blog is fun, and not just some place where I come to vent anonymously when something pisses me off.

If anyone stops by, I hope you have a lovely end-of-summer and that you'll come by again in a few weeks to see what's new.  Between my necessary dissertation progress and the fact that my bagpipes finally arrived, I should have some fun things to write about by the end of August.

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