Monday, July 14, 2014

Chik Solo's SDCC 2014 Wish List

Since this will be my first visit to SDCC, there are definitely more than a few things I want to do/see/experience.  So many, in fact, that it's becoming a bit overwhelming, looking at panel announcements, official schedules, off-site schedules, exclusive merchandise, etc. etc. etc.

With so many different things going on, it is best not to get disappointed if we miss anything... but it is also good to go in with a game plan, a list of things we want to prioritize and back-up options if we miss those.

Here is a list of things I want to try to experience/do while we're at Comic Con, separate from the panels and exclusives and schedule at the Convention Center.

1. Go to Nerd HQ and get Zachary Levi's autograph
There might be other celebrities at Nerd HQ that I would love to meet and get their autographs, but the schedule won't be released until after the official SDCC schedule is out, and even when it does come out plans could always change. But Zachary Levi is a sure thing since he's the host, and I sure do love me some Chuck Bartowski/Fandral/Eugene Fitzherbert.

2. Buy something Batman-y for my little sister
My little sister has always been a fan of Batman. Her 2nd birthday party was Batmen themed. She lived in a Batman (Batgirl?) set of pjs with a detachable cape from the age of 2 until she couldn't fit into them anymore - at all. The sleeves were at her elbows by the time mom convinced her to stop wearing them - and they started as long sleeves!  We never have figured out where this interest in Batman came from, since this was before the early 90s animated series came out (which, coincidentally, we were forbidden from watching because Two Face gave her nightmares (we watched any way!))  And mom was sure she had never seen the Adam West series by the time she started requesting Batman for her birthday. It's a mystery that persists to this day! 
With this being Batman's 75th anniversary and all, I really want to pick something up for her that has Batman on it. Like getting a comic signed.  Or a toy/exclusive of some kind.  I mean, this is a girl who wrote a college paper on Batman.  She NEEDS some special Batman loot!

3. Find one of the Geeky Hooker's little critters
The Geeky Hooker crotchets amigurumi figures of various characters, hides them around the con, and tweets clues to their location. Whoever finds it gets to keep it, and is asked to tweet back with information about where the critter's new home is. It's such a neat idea, and I've started following the Geeky Hooker so I can keep my eyes out for the critters. I crochet and could make these little characters for myself if I was so inclined, so for me it's more about the participation and the element of the scavenger hunt. And what a neat, fan-created and -centered idea! The drop locations have been around the convention center and outside in the past, I think.

4. Get cosplay photos with people in Star Wars costumes
I'm cosplaying as Princess Leia, and I would love to get some photos with other Star Wars cosplayers!  Storm troopers, X-wing pilots, Darth Vader, Han, Chewie, Luke - I'm bound to run into a few, right?

5. Nerd HQ Thursday Night Party
Free party? Heck yes! I don't think this needs too much explanation. But I'm hoping we make some new friends, get to dance, and just have a good time. The boyfriend isn't really a party kind of guy, so we'll see how this goes.

6. Geek & Sundry Lounge and Fan Party
Even though we have passes for all four days, I'm planning on leaving the convention center and venturing out into the Gaslamp District. The Geek&Sundry Lounge is one location I hope to visit. It sounds like there will be games and other things to do there, chances to meet Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, and just another place to hang out and see cool stuff.  Plus they're hosting a party on Friday night!

7. Enchantment Under the SDCC Party, hosted by the Unofficial SDCC Blog
On Wednesday night the SDCC Blog will be hosting their second annual Under the SDCC party.  Entry is free, it is held at a restaurant so there will be food and drinks for sale, there are giveaways and swag bags, and it sounds like it should be an awesome time!


  1. Ugh, I'm so jealous! I want to be at Comic-con, but I'm headed for Washington and by the time I get back I might miss it.


    1. I hope you get back in time! Thanks for the comment and have a safe trip!