Monday, June 23, 2014

The Road to ComicCon! Endor Assault Leia, #4

Can you believe it???  We're LESS THAN 30 DAYS away from COMIC CON!!!

After finishing my poncho, I decided to take some time to knock off a few of the smaller items from that long list of stuff I need to do to finish my cosplay and prepare for SDCC.


I began with my shirt.  Instead of altering a pattern or drafting one from scratch, I decided to modify a shirt I bought at the Salvation Army for $4.  I specifically chose a long-sleeved men's khaki button up for this project.  Leia's shirt is short-sleeved, with small pockets on the sleeves and no buttons or other visible closures on the front.  I chose a long-sleeved shirt so I could hem the sleeves to the length I wanted and use the extra fabric to create the little shoulder pockets.

I started by measuring how long I wanted the sleeves, cutting them with a seam allowance, and hemming them.  The sleeves fall just above my elbows, like you can see in this photo of Leia.  

As I said, there are no visible closures on the front of Leia's shirt.  Since I did not make my own shirt, I had to modify the front closure to hide the button holes.  I cut all of the buttons off of the front of the shirt - now that side of the shirt closes in front, which will hide the button holes - and attached snaps to keep the shirt closed while I wear it. 

Once the sleeves were hemmed and the front closure modified, I began to build the pockets using the extra material I had initially removed from the shirt.  You can see one of the pockets in the photo of Leia I posted above.  I was not concerned with making them functional (really, what would I carry in these pockets?  anything useful would make them too bulky), so I only had to worry about making them look right: the right size, the right style flap, etc.  They're a little flatter than Leia's, but I'm happy with them.  I might end up tacking the pocket flaps down to keep them closed and looking right.

I'm not sure if I need to modify the collar at all yet.  The existing collar isn't perfectly like Leia's, but I think it will work.  I'm going to worry about making the pants and vest before I spend time fiddling with the collar, though.  So for now, we are going to say this shirt is done.  Here is a photo of it:

Please excuse the wrinkles...


I also completed the insignia Leia wears on her vest and her watch/communicator.  I used images of Leia and the insignia build by Verdaera on DeviantArt as a reference for the badge.  Verdaera's build is seriously the best reference on the internet for this badge because, as she points out in her post, there are no high-quality close-up images of it.

For materials, I used some clay I had left over from other projects.

Badge - I started with gray Crayola Model Magic air-dry clay to construct my base and the badge details.  Then I used Sculpey brand oven-bake clay to make the blue disks and black bar.  I was drinking a beer at the time and ended up using the bottle cap to punch out the blue disks - this helped make sure both disks were the same size and the little ridges on the sides added some texture.  

A couple of days later, once the foam clay had thoroughly dried, I glued the (baked and cooled) disks and bar to the gray base.  I'm still trying to decide how to attach the badge to my shirt - I might glue some velcro or snaps to the back of the badge.  Though I'm starting to wonder why I bothered making the badge at all - it's going to be hidden by the poncho the whole time!

Watch - I made the watch body and details out of Sculpey brand clay.  I'm going to paint the screen area black and coat it with some epoxy to make it shiny, like glass.  For the posts where the strap will attach, I used two nails that were kicking around in my toolbox.  I haven't attached the strap yet, but just plan on using a strip of the material/pleather I'm going to use for my belt pouches and a snap or two.

It's a little big for my wrist, so I plan on remaking this eventually, using better materials and making it look less "hand made" and more like an actual wristwatch/communicator/piece of technology.  But this will definitely work for the Con.

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